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Keep track of all the latest events, announcements and changes to Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and Destiny 2. Everything you need to know for these games is here!

Destiny 2

16 January 2018

Destiny 2 Competitive PvP Ranking announced. Win Valor and Glory in the Crucible.

Destiny 2 Competitive PvP boosting

26 December 2017

Hearthstone Dungeon Runs - a deeper Class playstyle guide

Hearthstone dungeon run guide - Myboosting

08 December 2017

Kobolds and Catacombs is out - What cards are worth it

Hearthstone - kobolds and catacombs cards
Destiny 2

05 December 2017

Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris expansion changes - Levels, PvP, New gear and Raid activities

Destiny 2

17 November 2017

Best Trials of the Nine weapons and team compositions

Destiny 2 best PvP weapons

08 November 2017

Kobolds and Catacombs - Hearthstone expansion changes

Kobolds and Catacombs boost


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fast and

Destiny 2 is an online FPS game developed by Bungie and supported by Blizzard and Activision. All D2 players will find themselves in a vast universe where you and your allies will overcome different tasks. The game requires good aim, strategical thinking and good team coordination.

Destiny 2 boosting will support all platforms - PS4, Xbox One and PC and all game modes. Currently there is one main division between the modes that you can play. You can choose to go on a PvE mission or to play against other people in a PvP battle. Myboosting.com will help you with any task you find difficult to complete on your own. We have a number of high skilled D2 players at your disposal. You can play with them, or they can play on your behalf.

Raid completion, Trials of the Nine or Competitive PvP - we have it all under one roof. The harder the mission is the better. Our guardians are professionals, with high skill and determination, They excel when competition arises and because of that we can promise you that you will be more than satisfied when you choose to use any of our Destiny 2 boosting services.

Increasing your Destiny 2 Power level by completing different quests, milestones and events is a process that is time consuming. Some missions have extremely high difficulty and even a well prepared guardian might need some assistance to successfully complete it. We can support you, play with you and dominate the game together if you would like that.

Additionally we will support a coaching squad that will also be at your disposal. Destiny has a lot of knowledge to be mastered. There are tricks and tips that only the pro players can give you. So if you are looking to get better at the game and dominate your opponents feel free to get in touch with us and book a coaching session with one of our coaches.


The answer is simple - we are the best service out there.

We has a proven record of quality, speed, safety and quite a few in-game records behind our back.

We were one of the very first sites to open its doors to Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm boosting and coaching. With time we selected only the best out of the best to fulfill our customer requests.

We were also the first service to implement Xbox and PS4 boosting in Ow.

The first Overwatch website fragmovie? That’s us - PC version; Console version

We have been and we still are the leading website in the boosting industry for the games we support. We are the leaders that everyone copies and follows. If there is an innovation in our business in most cases we are its origin.

We have by far the most completed orders in Overwatch and HotS with an unprecedented satisfaction rate. If you don’t like what you received we will make sure to compensate you appropriately and with a method that you would prefer.

Our 24/7 customer live support makes things even better. You are always just 1 click away from knowing the answers to any question you might have. Upon request our management team will also assist you.

Above all we want our website to be more than just a service you use. We strive to improve, satisfy and stay one step ahead of our competition at all times. We take pride in what we have accomplished so far and anticipate an even brighter future.

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