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Our professional Destiny 2 coaches will help you improve your in-game skills. You can ask them anything you would like to know and become a master in Destiny 2.

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Top 250 MMR

Dawn (offline)

Available languages: English


About Dawn

Age: 24

Nationality: European, Time Zone: (GMT +02:00) 03:36

Rank: Top 250

Current Rank:

Rating 5.0/5
  • Flexible time
  • Patient
  • Polite
  • Able to give constructive criticism
  • Wide knowledge of the game
  • Picks and comps knowledge

Played the game actively since closed beta, Top 250, ever since I joined and been through a few teams and played the entirety of the hero pool for a sufficient period, I've acquired the knowledge to help others based on their intentions and requests - Positioning and aim tips and tricks with every hero included.

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January , 15,2018

"Dawn's very knowledgeable and very very kind. I only got 1 hour of coaching, but he not only reviewed 3 games of mine while giving frame by frame tips, he also gave me aim drills AND played 2 games while streaming explaining his strats and thought process. He's a professional and a very good person. I highly recommend him. "

Client: Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

January , 15,2018

"Patient and with an huge game knowledge"

Client: enrico f Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

January , 07,2018

"great group leader, well taught others how to clear the prestige raid! will come back :3"

Client: Mario Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

d2 raid

December , 16,2017

"great booster!"

Client: Dan G Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

d2 raid + nightfall + trials bundle

November , 10,2017

"A really good booster with high skill. "

Client: Haogang S Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

destiny 2 trials boost

June , 28,2017

"One of the best Coaches I've met. Very patient and insightful and you can tell that he really wants to help you get better. Learnt a ton of stuff! "

Client: Mahesh V Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

April , 25,2017

"literally changed my life this guy is insane with his knowledge of the game"

Client: Kai R Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

March , 20,2017

"Dawn is a really good coach. Very helpful advice, you will definitely see improvement! Ask for his help, you won't regret it~"

Client: John L Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

March , 06,2017

"Amazing countless tips on the MCCREE Coaching! Very flexible coach for ALL heroes. I learnt more today than I have in months ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAWN! "

Client: SIX Booster: Dawn

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching