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About Bloodhound

Age: 0

Nationality: , Time Zone: (GMT +03:00) 05:26

Rank: Legend

Current Rank: Legend

Rating 5.0/5
  • experienced player
  • Communicative
  • Competitive
  • Flexible time
  • Good at explaining
  • Patient
  • analytical

I’ve played games for as long as I can remember myself. Games have always been a vocation even I daresay – a school of thought for me. I specialize in turn-based strategic games that are chess like.

I started playing Hearthstone since the launch of Beta in 2014. I play on high legendary level every season and compete in various tournaments. I’ve finished multiple times in top 100 and top 50 of the European Ladder and on my international appearances I’ve defeated the best worldwide known players.

What I offer as a coach is:

- Current meta and decks evaluation

- Emphatic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as a player

- Thorough analysis of all possible ways to improve your game

- Training sessions with slowly increasing your control over the games we play together

I believe I can train anyone to be good enough to reach legend and I’m looking forward to finding some talented people that can go for the top spots there.

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June , 21,2018

"Great Booster and learned a few tips along the way."

Client: Shadow Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

March , 31,2018

"Bloodhound made a fast, serious and reliable job, 100% recommended."

Client: Carlos V Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

January , 16,2018

"I didnt have time to boost to legend so i use this service. I boosted from 12-legend and he did faster than i thought thanks again Bloodhound i appreciate it i know its not easy task !! Cheers"

Client: Alexandre M Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

December , 24,2017

"Really fun to play with."

Client: Karan B Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

December , 22,2017

"Did amazing, even tipped him afterwards"

Client: Jason M Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

December , 21,2017

"High quality service offered by Bloodhound"

Client: Alex V Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

November , 21,2017

"did an amazing job and a very timely manner 10/10 would recommend again "

Client: matthew f Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

November , 20,2017

"Bloodhound is 10/10 when it comes to service. Professional, responsive, keeps you updated and provides overall great service. He has earned a loyal customer and is highly recommended. Thank you"

Client: Jon M Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

hs ranks

November , 13,2017

"just overall great"

Client: Steven W Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

rank boost

November , 10,2017

"Bloodhound can be recommended with absolute calm and good conscience. He is technically incredibly competent, very committed and sensationally fast. Who wants to talk to a very, very good player and watch him at work, should not hesitate any longer! Thank you and see you next time!"

Client: ClaudeVanDamme Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

rank boost

September , 16,2017

"10/10, my Booster was very polite, super fast and despite getting the wins for my golden hero (which i paid for) he also finished in top 800 legend. I highly recommend him, would choose him again with no doubt."

Client: Fabian D Booster: Bloodhound

Rating: 5/5

golden hero wins