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5 hours HotS coaching with Røskmeg - Rank 1 Europe

5 hours for the price of 4

Learn the ways of the pros with the Rank 1 European player Røskmeg! 5 hours for the price of 4 only at this Myboosting.com.

  • Coaching by one of the best
  • Be a better player in just a few hours
  • All roles / game styles and maps


Our Heroes of the Storm boosting team consists of a number of professional players that compete at the highest level. Each of them has
shown qualities and determination that will suit your needs. Take a look at some of them and arrange a coaching session with your favourite.



Hello i'm Røskmeg a top tier Heroes of the Storm player with a lot of HL experience. I've managed to gets up to the peak rank.

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Hello, I'm Rui 'Diet' Trigo, I'm 24 years old and I'm a Portuguese video game expert and enthusiast. For the past 5 years I'v.

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As a player since early alpha and having completed over a hundred boosts in different metas I have a lot of experience in the.

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Heroes of the Storm boosting

& HotS coaching

Heroes of the Storm is the latest Blizzard MOBA in which you can find almost all of your favorite characters. It is proving to be one of the fastest growing online games. Although there are a lot of similarities with other MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm provides a unique experience to it’s players. It requires a lot of team cooperation and a vast knowledge of the game to get to the high rankings of that official ladder. Most people struggle to figure out how the game works and how they can get better. This is where our Heroes of the Storm boosting service comes into use.

HoTS boost is a service that gives its customers the chance to play at the competitive level that they deserve. Hero league boosting on one hand allows you as a solo player to get matched with better opponents and to experience the full beauty of the game. Climbing the HoTS ranked ladder is harder than most people presume. A big number of players choose to buy heroes of the storm boost at some point just to find out that they belong higher than they were placed before it. Most of our clients need just a little help and some tips to discover the better players they are. Overall the purpose of HoTS ranked boosting is to show a larger number of players that the game requires more than just time – you also need skill, teamwork, endurance and a lot more different qualities. Our Heroes of the Storm boosters are here to help you whenever you feel you are stuck at one place.

Team league boosting on the other hand gives you and your friends the opportunity to play against the top ranked competitive teams. In Team league the strategies and skills are on a whole nother level. All of our boosters have been on the top team league spots and that really shows when you order hero league boosting. Getting to play with some of the leading teams will teach you how to grind the hero ranked league yourself.

Because the game is so complexed a lot of people find Heroes of the Storm coaching extremely useful. Our top rated HoTS coaches will not only teach you about the game – they will find your weaknesses and explain to you how to fix them. Whether you need a little or a lot of help – Myboosting.com is here for you. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Our Heroes of the storm boosting, duo queue and HoTS coaching service is nowhere to be matched.