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Team league boost (Duo)

Play with a professional player and climb the Team league ladder by yourself.

  • No account sharing
  • Play with 1, 2 or 4 pros
  • End rank guaranteed (Read FAQ)
  • Team league

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Heroes of the Storm TEAM LEAGUE (DUO) boosting FAQ

If the FAQ did not answer your question feel free to contact us

How does HoTS Team league (duo) work?

Once you place your order and provide the information needed to contact you (skype, battle tag, email) we will assign you a booster that will play with you in party within the next few hours. You can also select to party with more than 1 booster ;)

For longer orders it is required that you are available an average of 4 – 5 hours a day so that your boost can be finished within a reasonable timeframe. All delays due to the absence of the clients to play are at his/her own expense. No account information will be required by you except your Battle tag. You can also always transfer your Duo TL boost into a normal Hero league or Team league (piloted) boost.


Why to choose

First of all we guarantee the quality of our services. Anything that you purchase will be executed in the most professional way.

If you have any specific demands concerning your order we will always take them into consideration and strictly follow them. Our live support is on a high level and happy to answer any questions that might arise. Clients satisfaction is our number one priority.



In very few cases the promised Duo Team league end division might not be achieved.
If you order duo to a very high division like D1/master, there is a chance that it's going to be impossible for our boosters to carry you (High rank games are always dependent more or less on each player in the team).Lets say you are a Gold 3 player and you want to duo to Diamond 2. At D5/D4 it's going to get really difficult to get carried by one booster, and in some cases even by two.

Each of you will have the following options in cases like these:
1. Pay the fee for additional booster to join and help you grind at the high divisions.
2. Convert the remaining part of the Duo boost as a Solo (piloted) Team league boost - price will be recalculated also.
3. Get partial refund for the remaining, unfinished part of the boost.


Understand that almost each player thinks that he is good enough to play against the pros. This is rarely true. We have top players on all servers, but even they might find it hard to get you to the top steps of the ladder. After all Hots is a 5 v 5 teambased game and each teammate attribution is vital, especially at the high ranks.



We are implementing a new feature into the site in the upcoming month that will allow all of our customers to give their opinion on our service! Till then:

Overwatch feedback: LINK

Heroes of the Storm feedback: LINK



Registered users in our website have some additional functions that are unavailable for the rest. In order to use these features you need to Register or Log in before placing your order. If you forget to do so message the support team and they will put your order on your profile.

Using our members area allows you to:
- Keep track of all your current and completed orders
- Know when you have a booster assigned to your order
- Know if your booster has issues logging in your account to start the boost
- Have direct link (Chatbox) to your assigned booster
- Follow the progress of your order(s)
- Pause/unpause the progress of your order
- Edit your account login information

- Know when your order is completed (Status will be "Completed - waiting for approval") and more

Visit this LINK for full information on how to use our Members area (video included)


How do I order?

It is really simple! Fill in all the required field on the Forms above.

Mark the “Terms of use confirmation button” Check the details that you entered so that they are accurate. Once you click the “Confirm order” button you will be redirected to Paypal – add your username and password and confirm the order. That’s all! We are ready to start.

Registering in our site prior to purchasing is optional but quite useful for both sides ;)



Is my account safe?

For duoqueue you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are in no violation of any of the Blizzard rules when you buy duoqueue boosting.


​Time required for my boost?

Our boosters are available for 6-14 hours daily, but in order to give you a timeframe for your boost we need to know how much time you can play the game per day/week.


​Payment methods?

Currently we support payments made through Skrill (paysafe), Stripe and Paypal. We also support transactions in USD, EURO, CAD, AUD and GBP. The average time for a payment to be processed is less then 1 minute.

Read below for detailed information on each of our Payment options.

Skrill (paysafe) - Paysafe is one of the largest payment processors in the world with unique features and multiple sub-methods for payment. Besides the options to pay with Credit/Debit card or with your Skrill wallet this company provides unique territory based payment options. They will locate your country of origin and offer you the best possible options. Just a few examples of the vast sub-options: Paysafecard, Neteller, Gyropay, Amex, Alipay, Sofort and many more. For more information, coverage and options visit THIS LINK.

Stripe - a newly arising payment processor that is created to process credit/debit card payments. Stripe is proving to be a world leader in safety and efficiency. For coverage visit THIS LINK.

PayPal - the world leader in payments. This is a method that is supported almost everywhere in the world. Using PayPay you can pay with PP balance or with your Credit/Debit cards. It’s easy, it’s fast and provides 100% safety for it’s customers with the implemented Dispute system. To check their website visit THIS LINK.