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Our professional HotS coaches will help you improve your in-game skills. You can ask them anything you would like to know and become a master in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm coaching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase your win ratio. As each player starts playing a game, no matter if it is HotS or any other game, the foundation is always based on what you know about that game and how fast you can learn more about it. By taking a lesson you can reduce the time you need to get to the high ranks.

The idea behind Heroes of the Storm is to master a number of different talents (skills), that are useful in the game. The more gaps you fill the higher up the ladder you will go. By putting more hours into the game you will start improving, but some people can get to a certain point and stop their climb there. Most of the times all they need is someone to push them a bit higher, show them how to do a specific thing and they will continue from there on by themselves.
Our professional Heroes of the Storm coaches can give you exactly what you are looking for. No matter if you are just starting to play HotS or you are already a proven player we can bring your game to the next level. A simple one-two hour HotS coaching session can up your in-game skill more than a month of playing.
Almost everyone can be a peak spot player - all that you need is time, dedication and sometimes a little bit of help. Each player at the start of his career has picked up something from another player, that was at the time a better player than him. Sometimes the student can even surpass teacher. We wish that to all of our clients.
Although Heroes of the Storm is a very complexed game things can be mastered one at a time. Try our HotS coaches and you will see the results almost immediately.
Each of our Heroes of the Storm coaches is at the peak spots in the Ladder. They have either been players or have coached some of the biggest teams in their respected regions. We are willing to say that we have the best HotS coaching service out on the market.
Any questions you might have related to the game can be answered. If you don't know what you are missing - they will tell you. The best way to learn a new hero, map or strategy is by getting an hour or two of Heroes of the Storm coaching.