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    75% Tank
    20% Flex
    5% Support
GM rank 1, 2 & 3 (on 3 accounts) MMR

Roskmeg (offline)

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About Roskmeg

Age: 18

Nationality: Norwegian, Time Zone: (GMT +02:00) 06:48

Rank: GM rank 1, 2 & 3 (on 3 accounts)

Current Rank: Top 10

Rating 5.0/5
  • Flexible time
  • Patient
  • Honest criticism
  • Tank and Assassin expert
  • Extensive meta game knowledge
  • Constant top rank player

Hello i'm Røskmeg a top tier Heroes of the Storm player with a lot of HL experience. I've managed to gets up to the peak ranks on multiple accounts with ease. In season 3 i held 3 different accounts at 1# 2# and 3# GM at the same time. In season 2 i had two accounts at 1# and 2#. I've also been a top LoL player prior to starting with HotS.

I main tank but i'm able to play every role at an expert level. I will teach you everything you need to know on how to carry in Hero league and have impact on the game. I will also focus on correct technique, mindset and foundation that will allow you to improve at the fastest speed possible.

I know everything there is on: Positioning, Builds, What is good in the current meta, Tricks for laning, How to play every map properly. I've tested personally everything you'll learn from me at the very top of the competitive ladder and it Works !

We can play games together on TS, watch replays and discuss what you should've done differently. I will analyze your game, your strengths and weaknesses and we will work on crafting a better player out of you! Everything is possible!

My top 3 ranks > <

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August , 17,2017

"Nice coaching."

Client: Shad Booster: Roskmeg

Rating: 5/5

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March , 24,2017

"Amazing player and coach. His game knowledge is immense. He gave me tips on how to improve my game as a tank main player, we watched some replays and at the end played a few quick matches together! I've never seen a guy dominate his games that much! Recommended!"

Client: James C Booster: Roskmeg

Rating: 5/5

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