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Roles: All


Price per hour:$20




As a player since early alpha and having completed over a hundred boosts in different metas I have a lot of experience in the game, starting the preseason with my main account being nearly 4 thousand MMR. Being an aggressive player I prefer playing assassins and initiators, ,but I'm adaptable and able to fill any role and can provide in depth analysis and guidance for any of them. Team fighting is much more important in HoTS than in any other MOBA so positioning ,iniating ,knowing when to back off and map objectives are key to winning the game.I can teach you map strategies or a role of your choice and how to react to the different situations your opponents will put you in. With you providing games that you feel you did really well and ones you don't know why you lost ,or even ones you did poorly on I can coach and help you understand everything I already talked about.

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