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GM - 70 peak MMR

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About Diet

Age: 24

Nationality: Portuguese, Time Zone: (GMT +01:00) 01:33

Rank: GM - 70 peak

Current Rank: Top 200

Rating 4.9/5
  • Mechanics expert
  • Feedback
  • Empathic
  • Listening and Comunication Skills
  • Respectful
  • Desire to Help

Hello, I'm Rui 'Diet' Trigo, I'm 24 years old and I'm a Portuguese video game expert and enthusiast. For the past 5 years I've been playing on the competitive scene for World of Warcraft, League of Legends and most recently Heroes of the Storm, in which I managed to reach top 150 in Europe. While coaching you in HOTS my focus will be working towards your correct positioning on the map throughout the game, when to properly time, clear and cap the jungle camps in the several maps, work your build options for your favorite heroes depending on enemy team compositions, when to force or avoid fights depending on level, talent advantages and whether your team is responding to objectives or not, and also figure out which champions suit your playstyle the most in order to climb the ladder more efficiently. All this can be done by either watching some of your previous game replays together with you and discussing all this important stuff or by duo q'ing with me either on EU or NA server. Thank you and i expect hearing from you soon ;) .

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June , 26,2018

"HOTS answers to C.Ronaldo ! "

Client: sig u Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Diamond 4 - Diamond 2
hots hl

June , 05,2018

"Diet was great fast and friendly!"

Client: Shaun L Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Platinum 1 - Diamond 4
hots hl

March , 23,2018

"17wins / 0 loss - WTF, u are awsome"

Client: Lee B Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Gold 1 - Platinum 2
hots tl (piloted)

July , 30,2017

"Fast and efficient"

Client: Mat T Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Bronze 5
Hots Win boost

June , 22,2017

"Was awesome! Beasted it out and was super cool about it 10/10 would recommend "

Client: brandon w Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Silver 5 - Silver 1
Hots Rank Boost

June , 19,2017

"I loved everything, the booster was very nice. Support answered all my questions, the only thing I am a bit bothered about is the time it took to get a booster assigned to me. Overall everyone is very friendly :)"

Client: Kirito Booster: Diet

Rating: 4/5

Hots Placements

May , 10,2017

"Great as always!"

Client: Thomas B Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Gold 3 - Platinum 3
Hots Rank Boost

May , 08,2017

"Start to finish DIET was a true professional!"

Client: Thomas B Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Gold 5 - Gold 3
Hots Rank Boost

April , 25,2017

"Quick and Easy"

Client: Joey T Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Platinum 1 - Diamond 5
Hots Rank Boost

February , 10,2017


Client: marc l Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5

Hots Placements

December , 28,2016

"Great Service!"

Client: Jason K Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5

Hots Placements

October , 19,2016

"DIET is friendly, competitive and fast - looking for more in the future!"

Client: Jean-Patrick K Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Gold 1 - Platinum 5
Hots Rank Boost

October , 09,2016

"Diet is an amazing booster. Did my boost in 2 days. I've been using this service since preseason and I have never been disappointed! Awesome support, great players and always on time."

Client: Rahad A Booster: Diet

Rating: 5/5
Diamond 5 - Diamond 2
Hots Rank Boost