The new Nexus challenge offers 4 weeks of action and some amazing rewards. Win them all with

The Nexus Challenge 2.0 is offering a completion of a selected Quest in the new Nexus Challenge 2.0.



Duo - You will play on your account. We will send 1 of our boosters to party with you to complete the Quests selected.
Solo - We will play on your account, 2 boosters will party and complete your Quests.
For DuoQ option we do not need your login details
. DuoQ is cheaper because it requires only 1 booster.


Quests can be completed only 1 by 1. To get the 2nd Quest started you need to have the 1st completed and so on.

Here are the quests and their rewards:


Starting an order might take up to 12 hours. In most cases it will be in the next few minutes.
Completion time - 1 to 3 hours after starting per quest.

  • All regions
  • End rewards guaranteed
  • Quest completion
  • Available till 22nd March

Total price

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