25% HotS boosting Christmas discount - Myboosting.com

25% HotS boosting Christmas discount - Myboosting.com

Heroes of The Storm

25% HotS boosting Christmas discount - Myboosting.com

December 24 , 2015


Myboosting Xmas Hots boost offer

First of all Myboosting wants to wish you all a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
For all of the Heroes of the Storm fans out there that are searching for an appropriate gift - we offer you an exclusive 25% discount. The upcoming holidays are probably the world's favourite days of the year. Great atmosphere, family, friends and wishes that come true - what more can you ask for :). We want to attribute to the joy that Xmas brings with it and there for we added a limited time Promotion code that you all can use for any orders on our website.

All you need to do is type in:
When you are are placing your Heroes of the Storm boost order. There is a small filed saying "promo code" - fill it with the given text and your discount will be applied when finalizing your purchase details.

You can use this for yourself, your kids, your friends and pretty much anyone you love for a nice start of the new 2016 in HotS.

The promo code is for limited time - from 24.12 - to 30.12 so take advantage while you can guys!


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Hope you guys like our Xmas surprise, be sure to track our service regularly for many more Heroes of the Storm boosting offers!

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