3 more days with our Birthday discounts - 25% off for Ow, 15% off for HotS (Myboosting.com)

3 more days with our Birthday discounts - 25% off for Ow, 15% off for HotS (Myboosting.com)

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3 more days with our Birthday discounts - 25% off for Ow, 15% off for HotS (Myboosting.com)

September 27 , 2016


We are celebrating our 1st Birthday here at Myboosting.com (15th Sept). It's been a wonderful year and we wanted to share that with you. We are giving a 15 days promotion with massive discounts on all of our Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm boosting and coaching services.

There are 3 more days till the offer expires in which time you can take your Loyal discount or a First time buyer discount. You can test all of our services and see for yourself what quality our website provides. It's the one time of the year where you'll be able to spend much less money and receive the best service on the market. We try to satisfy each of our customers and discounts have always been an attractive way to do that, making us affordable for almost everyone has been a success and we see a lot of new comers joining us.

So if you are looking for a cheaper Overwatch boosting / HotS boosting or just want to get some tips from a professional player and improve your game Myboosting is the place for you and now is the time for that.

Mastering the game requires a lot of qualities in a person and can take a lot of time. We simply speed up the process and turn an average player into a semi-pro within a day or two.

We guarantee the quality of each and every listed service here.


We are preparing a few new surprised in the upcoming month that will be to the liking of our customers. A brand new design of our Members area with new and exciting features and functions, a highlight clip of our Overwatch players performance that will blow your mind ... and more.

Also our Xbox and PS4 boosting for Overwatch is live, active and kicking ... .

Myboosting always aims to improve and be the best and we think we are succeeding in that. We have the best players, the best coaches and we are ever expanding our squads for even better performance.

We hope that our customers are satisfied with what we provide.

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