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About Myboosting.com

June 27 , 2017


Myboosting.com was founded in June 2015th and launched live on 15th September 2015th. We have experience in the boosting industry even prior to that date with a website “gamesboosting.com” which was created in August 2014th.

Prior to starting this venture both managing partners were known players with a ton of experience at the peak spots of the ladders in games like League of Legends, CS Go, CoD, HS and WoW. In fact the main reason why we created Myboosting was that we had insight of how the big boosting websites worked at that time and the way they were managed. We knew that things could be significantly improved in many ways. As keen gamers we took the challenge to create a better service then what we were used to seeing.

The key to our success is the fact that we put our efforts mainly into satisfying both the needs of our workers and our clients. With time we became friends with a large portion of our customers and with all of our employees. Currently our everyday work is more of a pleasure than what the usual definition of a job would be. We have built a friendly environment with people that love what they work and enjoy spending their time doing it.


The managing team - both site owners and managers are personally involved in the daily work of the website. We keep a close eye on what is going on, track our orders and take measures to prevent any type of setbacks. We invest time to keep the quality service that we want, personally choose our boosters and coaches and track what is new in the games we love. We also occasionally play the games that we have listed (although we are a bit short on time). We are keen gamers for more than 15 years now and turning our passion into business is something that each person should strive for. We think that if you love what you do, there is little to no chance to not succeed.

The live support team - One of our top features is our 24/7 live support (bottom right corner of your screen). We always have people ready to help you in any way possible. Answering your questions, assigning the best players for your orders and non stop tracking how the orders are going is a portion of what they do. We are friends in real life (the managers and the supports) and quite often share a beer or play a game together. Each of them is a really nice guy that will try his hardest to help any of our clients feel at the right place when visiting Myboosting.com. Nobi, Sven, Soundbleed, Nacho, Shady are the guys we owe much for what we have accomplished!

The boosters and coaches - we have 3 games at this point and we know each and every person on our squad. Some of them have been working here since the very birth of our first website. We have listed them so that you can get to know what they are capable of:

Overwatch players - https://myboosting.com/overwatch/coaching/boosters

Heroes of the Storm players - https://myboosting.com/heroes-of-the-storm/coachin...

Hearthstone players - https://myboosting.com/hearthstone/coaching/booste...

We have carefully tested and selected each of these guys so that we are confident that they will perform according to our standards. Fails happen every now and then though, we are human after all. What is important is that we always fix the issues if they arise!

We all have a channel where we talk with each other every day. We talk about everything, not just orders, games and so on. As said we work in a very friendly environment and we all love it. Hope you guys can feel it too :)

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We have been on the global marked for over 3 years and have gone a long way since then. Myboosting has proven to be a leader in the Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone industry, ranking as the highest seeded boosting and coaching website for these games. We have had and still have multiple top tier pro and semi-pro players on our squad.

We have by far the most completed orders in Ow and HotS with an unprecedented satisfaction rate. Our customers know that they can count on us in any situation. No matter if they want an answer to a question, a small or a big boost, or a coaching session we are always here to fulfil their demands.

Pushing the limits is what we do. We always strive to improve and be ahead of the competition. We never copy, we create and innovate. This is visible mostly, but not only, on our website. Since our birth we’ve had numerous new features added, a couple of massive redesigns and currently one of the most attractive Members areas and sites overall.

Prior to implementing new features we make a research on what you would like to see on our website. We now have personal discounts system, referral system, match history and progress tracking, real time notifications and many other features that aim to please our visitors.

We won’t stop improving … ever. With will be adding new monthly rewards and many other features. We intend to start a series of such reward events in the next few months (Starting in July). Details will be listed in a separate article.


As all quality services we aim to grow. Most importantly we want to reach more customers that need our help. We try to never fail and we will never jeopardize your account. Keeping all information confidential is N1 priority and that are just a few things out of the many that we offer and we think that each of you deserves.

We also intend to add 1 or 2 new games to our service in the future. Destiny 2 boosting is probably one of the new ventures that we will take. The first part of the series was amazing and seeing the hype that the new one is making prior to being released is definitely something to look forward to.

We know that what we do is not respected by a large portion of the community. The general view might be correct to some extend but as all stories this one has another side too. A massive amount of the top tier players does not get paid to play, although they are as good as the pros. Probably around 32 - 64 teams in the world get decent salaries for playing the games they love (the pro teams), while there are 10x more top tier players that want to get their chance in the game. We support these players and they work hard to achieve their dreams. Why take that away from them?!

Additionally the common opinion is that “we change the balance” in the games. We highly disagree with that for 2 main reasons:

1. The chances for you to encounter a booster in your games is quite little and maybe out of 100 games that you play you’ll have 1 or 2 games where an account is being boosted. The other 98-99% of your games are not affected by us or other boosting services. We do not make you win or lose these games do we? Encountering smurfs or trolls is at least 10x more impactful on your ranking.

2. You say there is a booster on the enemy team and you lost because of that? Ok … next time the booster will be on your team and you’ll win it! So there is a balance at what we do. There is a 50/50% chance if our player will be on your team or the enemy team. And we also don’t have 100% winrate, so if you are indeed as good as you think you are you do have quite high chances to win against our players if you perform and work as a team player.

The games we support are first and most importantly skill based and team dependent. Even if our service did not exist the balance of the game would still be the same. If you are a good player you will have a good ranking and vice versa. If any of you plays texas hold’em you will know that the “random” effect is a short term event… Yes you might lose 1 or 2 games, but at the end if you deserve a spot and you invest enough time you will most certainly reach it!


Myboosting.com - The quality HotS, Hs and Ow boosting service!

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