Are you ready for Competitive season 3 of Overwatch?!

Are you ready for Competitive season 3 of Overwatch?!


Are you ready for Competitive season 3 of Overwatch?!

November 30 , 2016


Are you ready to beat the competition?

Our site has always aimed to be on top competitive level, providing the best Overwatch boost service, backed up by one of the top players in the world! It's been a real ride so far. Season 1 and 2 were amazing, showing that this game has bright future ahead of it. As each new season begins the battle for glory starts all over again with full steam! By the looks of it this season will be dedicated to the Volskaya theme! A new map will be live with the upcoming patch - Oasis (control type).

Season 3 has much less changes compared to the previous ones. The biggest impact will come from the more balanced distribution of players throughout the ladder after the first 10 Placement games. It's extremely important to perform well and win as many as you possibly can in your first matches. It might be a difficult task for some players, therefore our service provides Season 3 placement games with guaranteed high winrate that each of you can take advantage of. Instead of starting from the bottom, ensure your spot in the mid and high ranges of the ladder!

The initial spot you will get placed will be lower compared to that in Season 2 and 1 (after the placements are done). However to balance things out Blizzard also announced that there will be a series of games after you finish your provisionals that will have increased Skill rating gain / drop. Main purpose is to fill the ladder with players standing where they belong.

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Some skilled players do not need any help in climbing the Official Overwatch ladder. Others struggle on their way. There are multiple factors that can stop you grind up - what role you play, what teammates you have, are you mentally prepared and more. If you feel like you need a hand in conquering the leaderboards - is here to help. We provide variety of services, each of which will be active for Competitive season 3 of OW:

Overwatch skill rating boost - fast, easy and efficient way to get to the point that you want!

Overwatch DuoQueue games - it's a bit risky, but 90% of the time quite successful. If you don't feel confident performing on a high enough level this might lower the results. We can carry hard, but everyone has a limit! :)

Overwatch Duo skill rating boost - Guaranteed end result. You play - you win until you get where you want to be! Extremely useful for players that want to learn and enjoy the game at the same time! You will be amazed what our pros can do!

Ow Placement games boost with high winrate - No problem! We have you covered to ensure you will start the new season with a bang!

Ow win boosting - If you need a specific amount of wins to get where you want to be this is another way to do it. It's beneficial if you are on a winning stream or if you just like your winrate % increased :)

Leveling - for the guys that want the loot boxes and the stars on their portrait!

We always provide the quality promised. We always aim to be the best out of the best. We've improved our website, our support team and our boosters squad for you! And that's just the beginning - more features, gifts and benefits are coming in the near future!

Till then - Lets get the season 3 domination started! Good luck to all!

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Regards, - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!

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