Artifact the card game - Launch date, General information & Gameplay - MyBoosting

Artifact the card game - Launch date, General information & Gameplay - MyBoosting


Artifact the card game - Launch date, General information & Gameplay - MyBoosting

March 20 , 2018

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Artifact is currently in a very limited closed beta and is expected to be officially released by the end of 2018, with an open beta planned for the end of the spring/ beginning of the summer.


What is Artifact?

Artifact is a card game developed by Valve. It is based on the well-known MOBA - Dota and will have multiple characters, spells and items from that game. There are a lot of games in the genre like Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh, but according to the information the new Valve card game will differ in many ways from the ones that we are used to play. Sources predict that it will be the best game to play in the genre.

How does Artifact gameplay go?

Inevitably the first thing you’ll need to do is create a deck from the cards that are at your disposal. Once you do that you can start competing against other players.

Each match is played on 3 different lanes independent from one another.

On each of your lanes you will start with 3 mana. After every turn you gain one additional mana.


What are the Artifact card types?

There are 4 main types of cards - Creatures, Skills, Items and Board items.

CREATURE CARDS (Cards that are played or removed from play by dealing and taking damage. They have Attack, Armor and Health stats).

There are two types of creature cards – Heroes and Creeps.

Hero cards have 2 special abilities. One of the abilities is a passive (for example buff your other cards on board) and the other is a special ability to use (for example deals 2 damage to all your opponent cards on board).

Creeps are common cards that you use to fill up the board and directly attack your opponent cards with.


There are two types of Skill cards: Hero Skills and Mana skills.

Hero skill do something when combined with one of your heroes placed on the board. These cards are a type of Hero buffs. There are 3 types of hero skill cards (Attack, Mana or Armor buffs).

Mana skills do something if you got enough mana to cast them. You must have an active hero on this lane in order to use mana skills.


There are 5 types of item cards 3 cards that do statistics boost and can be equipped by every hero (boosting damage, health or mana). These cards remain on the hero even if he dies. You can equip an item card on the place of another, but the previous one will be replaced and discarded.

The other 2 types of item cards are consumable cards. They are used to regenerate health and mana.


They are used to change something specific on a lane when played. They are not interacting with heroes or other cards on the lanes.

Card sets:

Red cards have high attack power.
Blue cards have high mana.
Green cards are supportive and statistic changing cards.
Black cards are used for movement across boards.



How do the game mechanics work?

Once you have a creature on a lane - it will attack the card exactly in front of it on the same lane. If there is no card in front, it will attack the enemy buildings. Every lane has 40 health implemented into Tower buildings.

Artifact is played with 2 decks - Spell and Item decks.

Spell decks must contain at least 40 cards, but there is no cap so you can have more of these.

Item decks only contain 9 cards.

Before the game starts, each player has an option to select 5 heroes that can only be of two matching colors (example 3 blue and 2 green). The possible options for combining heroes are only by the following colors: Blue can match with Green & Red can match with Black only. That’s based on the current gameplay reviews that are available to watch and read.

Every hero is linked to its unique spell cards (3 cards). In other words when you choose your 5 heroes, they come with 3 spells for each or a total of 15 cards in your Spell deck.

Your spell cards must also be of the same colors as your heroes. For example if you are using blue-green combination of cards, you can only choose blue-green spell cards.

Every lane starts with 40 Health. On each lane there are two different buildings, one for each player. During every turn, the UI of the game shows the possible damage that a building will take during the turn. There is no limit of the amount of creatures that can be put on a lane (not confirmed).

Once the game starts, each player draw 5 spell cards and 3 heroes are put randomly - one on each lane. Players will take turns by playing spell cards. You can only play a spell card on specific lane if you have enough mana to play it.

Playstyle and attack and shopping phase.

Every player chooses spells to play and then finishes the turn. Then the attack phase begins. Every minion (Creature) attacks the minion or hero right in front of him (unless otherwise stated on the cards). Every hero does its damage to the minion in front of him. Every killed minion rewards gold and heroes killed can’t be played again before the start of the next turn.

After the attack phase is over, both players will enter the Shopping phase. You will have the option to purchase items from the item shop. Different strategies might be used here - either keep your gold for next turn which will allow you to purchase better items on the next turn, or play it right away. Once an item card is purchased it immediately goes into the players hands.

After every turn, each player gains 1 mana on each lane and can resummons his dead heroes.


In order to win the game, you need to destroy 2 opponent towers or destroy an ancient, which appears after a tower is destroyed.

Here is a video with the most relevant, but little information at this stage -



As you can see Artifact will be a first of a kind card game. Many pro / semi-pro players were invited into the closed beta and the reviews coming from them are spectacular. Initial information confirms that the game feels a lot more balanced (less RNG), a lot more creative and versatile than the current dominating card game force - Hearthstone. One of the things that we are looking forward to seeing is a full gameplay matches with commentary from the experienced players that are testing the game. Once we have more information about the new Dota based card game - Artifact we will immediately inform our auditory, so keep track of our Artifact news section.


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