Artifact: The Dota Card game new leaks

Artifact: The Dota Card game new leaks


Artifact: The Dota Card game new leaks

April 19 , 2018


As we are all expecting the open beta version of Artifact a number of pro esports players are testing the game, focusing on improving, balancing and analyzing the game in-depth to make it better. As a future Artifact boost boost service website, we'd like to bring you some of the latest updates that came out officially last night.

The new Valve game is designed and built upon the Source 2 engine, the first game that is entirely made to work with it. Dota 2 also migrated to this engine around 2 years ago, but was initially on a different one. This will bring high quality experience for the gamers as it will take full advantage of the newer technologies that Source 2 supports.

One of the most interesting pieces of information that is now officially confirmed is that Artifact will not be Free to Play. You will need to spend money to get the action, presumably there will be different packs to purchase with different in-game goods that come with higher price.

The game is moving on track and it's full version will be playable by the end of 2018th. Valve also announced that Artifact will be playable on mobile devices at the start of 2019th. We wouldn't expect things to be any other way, but it's always best to have a firm confirmation on important aspects that concern the game growth and playability.

We also gave you the name of the game designer in our previous articles - Richard Garfield, who is also known for multiple other games, the most noticeable of which is Magic: the Gathering. Artifact is definitely in safe hands in that regard and we expect to see a lot of cool visuals in the game, as well as some deeper levels of complexity.

The new Valve card game will resemble other products of the firm and will have a Market Place where people will have the opportunity to buy and exchange stuff. We do not yet know what exactly will be offered there, but most likely different type of skins, boosters, currency exchanges and items will be available to grab.



The first major tournament is announced for the start of 2019th. It will have the attractive 1 million dollar price pool and as far as the initial information goes this pool will grow bigger. Why? Similar to Dota 2, Artifact's tournament price pool for major tournaments will be increased by in-game purchases and donations by players from all around the world. It is called compendium and is probably the best and most inspiring system when it comes to huge tournament events. The pro players will surely have motivation to play the game and compete for huge money. The largest Dota 2 price pool gathered using this system was nearly 25 million dollars (1.6 million from Valve and over 23 million from fans). These are definitely numbers worth fighting for.

Valve is an amazing game developer when it comes to everything really. All of the games produced by this company have been and still are an absolute pleasure to play. A small announcement on the Artifact conference came out, that they are now going to be focusing on producing even more games than before and stated that there are 3 ongoing projects for new products right now. Exciting ... exciting...


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