Artifact over 200 cards and 40 champions leaked

Artifact over 200 cards and 40 champions leaked


Artifact over 200 cards and 40 champions leaked

June 19 , 2018


We as a future Artifact boost service have been anticipating these exciting card leaks for some time now. Personally I am a Dota lover and most of the cards that we'll list below do not surprise me at all. However it is quite interesting how they will convert into a completely new gaming genre such as Board games.

Some of our most played champions will also see the light in the new Valve game, together with lots of the spells and items we know from Dota. Initial information goes that the game will be launched live (most likely in beta mode) with around 300 cards. A simple calculation means that we now know the majority of these cards and a great number of the heroes that we'll be positioning on the battle field.

Here is the list of the CARDS that were recently leaked.


Here is the list of HEROES that were leaked.


Techies and Krellex are not officially confirmed, but quite likely to be among the chosen ones.

We do not know what all of these cards will have as abilities, but as you can figure they will mimic the Dota skills, as long as they fit the genre itself.




In brief, Valve is developing a massive competitor to the currently dominating card game - Hearthstone. The players that have tested the game have nothing but great things to say about it. The balance of the game should be much better than HS, the deck possibilities and meta should be much more flexible.

Another significant deviation for the commonly known card game playstyle is the fact that there will be 3 fields to play on and strategize instead of just 1.

Artifact will not be free to play.

The ranking system of the game has not been revealed yet. In general the developers are keeping a lot to themselves, but the few leaks that we've had so far give us the idea that a new dominant game is going to release soon.

For more information check out our previous artifact articles and stay tuned for more.


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