Competitive Overwatch meta changes. End of Tank meta?

Competitive Overwatch meta changes. End of Tank meta?


Competitive Overwatch meta changes. End of Tank meta?

February 01 , 2017


Our Overwatch boosting team would like to update you what impact the last balance change had to the general meta of the game.

With the last patch, Roadhog, Ana, Lucio and Sombra received a few balance changes. However as one of the top selected Champions D.Va, Road and Ana started a wave of different balance adjustments in the game, impacting virtually every other hero in the game.

As we all know it has been a long lasting tank meta where usual teamcomps were made out of 3 or 4 tanks + 2 supports (Ana and Lucio most often). The main idea behind these picks was that a huge HP pool champions combined with Ana heal were almost unstoppable in a team fight and exceedingly hard to counter.

With the new patch things have slightly changed. New champions are being picked more often then before and some are falling out of favor.

Here you can see an approximate graph of how the new meta is shaping in the pro scene (stats taken from Winter Premiere Finals and the XTRA Cup):

tank meta changes

As you can see the top 2 supports - Lucio and Ana are still rulers of the pick %. The heaviest drop though comes for D.Va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Mei and Soldier 76.

With these 5 heroes falling out of favor new additions have started making their way into the meta. Mccree and Pharah are getting higher interest, but still behind the constant damage of Soldier 76. Tracer which is known as a backline destroyer has higher potential to impact the game and therefor gets +23% increase. Zarya is the top selected tank champion in the game now, surpassing Rein for the first time since the competitive Overwatch has begun.


There are champions that are still out of favour like Sombra. However we are expecting to see a larger interest in that champion. It's unique abilities make her fit to carry really hard on some maps (Mostly CP). We think that people still don't actually know how to play this champion on a high level, but that will soon be over. More and more pro players are starting to pick her and when she hits the Tournament scene the casual gamers will start understanding how to dominate their games with her.

Roadhog was a hero that had a lot of rumors about the upcoming changes. As we can see almost -15% in selection, but it's important to note here that he is still as strong as he used to be (or even more) in the hands of a skilled player.

Ana is still almost a must pick in the teamcomp - she is just too good to pass, but the latest changes significantly decreased her impact when combined with multiple tanks in her team. So that change is mostly targeted towards the tanks and not that much towards Ana herself.

D.Va was certainly hit the hardest. She was a tank with a lot of DPS and countered like 80% of the heroes in the game. With her nerfs the developers opened doors for the champions that were being dominated by her easily.

Is the Tank meta over? We do think that it is and we are back to the old school 2-2-2 meta. However heavier tank compositions are still capable to dominate on some maps.

A lot of players (mostly DPS mains) will be quite happy with the changes made. Our Overwatch boosting squad thinks that the last patch made things more dynamic and flexible in terms of team compositions and capability to carry games. A lot of people were tired of seeing that Rein,, Zarya, Roadhog unstoppable pushing power, where a single player can rarely do anything significant to the beef they were bringing to the table. The new meta is still in progress of shaping, but it is certain that it will look different then the last one.

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Hope you guys enjoyed the brief analysis :)

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