Competitive Season 10 of Overwatch is here. Ranked play rewards

Competitive Season 10 of Overwatch is here. Ranked play rewards


Competitive Season 10 of Overwatch is here. Ranked play rewards

May 01 , 2018


The new 2 months circle has just begun. Starting from 1st of May till around 28th of July we'll be going into a fierce battle to determine who deserves to be at the top of the official Leaderboards.

As all new season we start with 10 Placement matches. The impact of the performance in these is huge. You can skyrocket your Skill rating or completely demolish it. So when you go for these games you better be prepared to carry hard.

One of the most impactful changes this patch is that Brigette is now playable in competitive play with some rewords. Although it's just another new hero, this one might turn the game meta upside down. We are seeing a favored team composition focusing on crowd control abilities that Brigitte only amplifies. Champions like Road / Rein / Brigitte / Mccree will most likely be played a lot during the season, or at least until a new meta shapes. It is really annoying to be a Tracer main and get stunned every step of the way.

Another important rework that will soon hit the Overwatch world is the Hanzo abilities change. Only time will tell if he will have a spot in the meta, but initial predictions are that he will be a hero to go for.

A new map will be introduced at 3rd May - Rialto, which will be put into competitive rotation with later patches.



By participating and finishing your Provisionals you will be rewarded with:
Competitive points
Player Icon
Player Spray

If you manage to grind yourself to the peak spots of the ladder and end in Top 500 you will also get the most prestigious reward in Overwatch - The top 500 player icon and spray.

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