Current and future changes in Heroes of the storm

Current and future changes in Heroes of the storm

Heroes of The Storm

Current and future changes in Heroes of the storm

October 13 , 2015

Heroes of the storm boosting service latest changes review

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The most expected change is the arrival of the Grandmaster rank. Hots Boosting to Grandmaster will be a challenging task, but we are confident that we will succeed in it. The new rank will also arrive with a Leaderboard which will help players indicate their actual placement on the ranking system. Such a nice tool to have, especially if you are one of the best players in Heroes of the storm. Achieving rank 1 will no longer be the ultimate goal and that is really nice to know because a lot of the current players have been complaining that reaching it is not that hard at all. Well that is easy to say when you posses the skill to do it. For the ones that need a bit more skill or just dont have the time to grind the ladder your Hots boost will ensure that. Here are the links for it:
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Balance changes in the Heroes of the storm

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Although for a professional hots booster the balance changes can never be a thing that can be overcome it will still affect the game overall. One of the more impactful ones are the changes of the death timers in the earligame. That makes objective taking a bit more difficult and makes players think more about taking too many unnecessary risks in the early game. A death can cost you and your team a lot more now. That change aims to make the snowball in the earlygame a bit harder to achieve. For a player that trives in battles and likes to fight a lot increasing the death times can be both a possitive and a negative thing - it all depends on his performance in the current game. The death timer at level 1 is 6 seconds longer than it was before and the difference minimizes the higher level you get.

Leveling stats balance

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The stats that each level gives now will communicate better with how the actual game evolves. The earlygame level lead was a big thing and usually made the snowball easy. Now it will be a bit harder because the early levels will give less base stats. The later levels will be ballanced so if a one team is level 7 and the other level 9 the overall difference will be the same as if it was level 17 vs level 19 team. This is a really nice balance fix in our point of view, making the game a bit more even and less of a snowball domination ride.

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Hope our review was useful for you guys !

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