Current Hots Ranking system (Expected Grandmaster boosts)

Current Hots Ranking system (Expected Grandmaster boosts)

Heroes of The Storm

Current Hots Ranking system (Expected Grandmaster boosts)

October 11 , 2015

Difficulty of the current Heroes of the Storm ladder

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HotS boosting right now is not that hard. A lot of people can get to that rank 1, but the competition actually just begins there. The point of the game where you are rank 1 doesnt mean that much. Playing more hours and having some skill can ensure you that place. What is really hard is to get your Hots MMR boost after that. Playing on the highest level with some of the best in the game is not an easy task and winning these game is even more challenging. A few people can actually manage to do that with ease - and these are the hots boosters that we select. If you are one of the high tier players and you can dominate a game even on that level we might have a spot for you for our future Heroes of the storm boosting orders.

Will things change in the ranking system

Grandmaster boost

Blizzard is announcing its Grandmaster rank. It will be where the real pros play. That will be no place for decent players, but only for the best. If you are familiar with other platforms like LoL - this is the challenger rank. You want to be there but you cant really reach it without the necessary skill for it. Our boosters are going to provide Grandmaster boosts in Hots. They will also do hots win boosting in grandmaster. We excel when things get harder, and we charge according to the difficulty. The bottom line is that we are neither cheap nor expensive, but we are the ones that look after our quality. Each Hots boost is guaranteed to get to the rank required. No matter if you want Hots boost to rank 1 or Grandmaster.

When will we offer Hots Grandmaster boost

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Blizzcon is expected to be the place where the new season will be announced and we are pretty confident that that is going to be the point in time where Grandmaster rank will be live. So mid-late November should be the time where we start talking abaout some serious gaming when it comes to Heroes of the Strom. A lot of players will try to grind the ladder. We can give you the easy way.

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