Destiny 2 beta feel. What to expect for the full game. D2 boosting services at Myboosting

Destiny 2 beta feel. What to expect for the full game. D2 boosting services at Myboosting

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 beta feel. What to expect for the full game. D2 boosting services at Myboosting

July 22 , 2017


Destiny beta has been live for 2 days now on PS4 and Xbox. We've gathered some information to summarize what the game brings, how Destiny 2 boosts are going to work and so on. It's important to note that as announced the live beta is of a months old model of the game and is just a fraction of what the real game will offer.

Starting with the obvious, the newly launched beta has a massive amount of similarities with it's predecessor Destiny 1. The gameplay feels almost exactly the same, which is in no way a bad thing. Quite the opposite, everyone that has played D1 loved the game mainly for that reason. It is smooth, interactive and visually mind-blowing. The battlegrounds are familiar, but reworked and with a feel of the new story behind the game. The story mode mission is great and in our eyes promises a much better campaign mode than Destiny 1.

The game modes are in general the same (at least at the beta). The new addition is a PvP mode similar to Counter strike, where a team has to plant a bomb on one of two sights and the other team needs to either prevent that from happening or defuse the bomb. Communication in PvP is essential. We all know that the bigger part of you will be focusing on conquering the PvP battles above the PvE quests, which will be farmed mainly for getting better gear.

The biggest innovations visible in the Destiny 2 beta are related to the Subclasses and Weapons. Snipers and Rocket Launchers are no longer only "Heavy weapons" and can be used by players that possess them in any mode as their power weapon.

One thing that might turn out to be a big factor when it comes to adjusting the game is the PC version. PC gamers have in general better tools to beat the PvE mobs. If the game feels too easy for the computer players there might be necessity for a massive rework, at least on the PC side of things.

The developers also said that there will be a lot more story in the game, the Raids will be much more impressive and the difficulty of the game will overall be increased.

destiny 2 boosting


Multiple features are yet unknown. We've discussed with our players that have experience in Destiny 1 and are currently spamming Destiny 2 to figure out a part of what we can offer to our clients as we have already announced our D2 boost service.

As this is a cooperative multiplayer game you heavily rely on the skill of your teammates. With that being said you will most likely need to have a few good players on your team to be able to compete at the highest levels of PvP and even to go through the Raids, which will prove to be one of the hardest missions you had against artificial intelligence.

Destiny 2 boosting be available on PS4, Xbox and PC. You can get advantage of what we offer if you want to:

Get higher PvP win rate.
Complete Trials of the Nine (Previously called Trials of Osiris)
Complete the hardest Destiny 2 raids.
Get better weapons and gear from PvE.

A little information on the modes and what you are required to do if you want to get the good items and the good scores in the game.

Raids require 6 players to go into a few hours of endless battle and puzzle solving. The outcome is unknown until the very end of the Raid. Each of you will have to perform, communicate and execute the specific mission that your team has set for you. If you have even 1 player that is not familiar with what he/she should do the chances of failing increases dramatically. Your whole team needs to be on the same page regarding how to approach the mission. Having players from different classes (Warlock, Titan, Hunter) is usually a must. Warlocks prove to be mission saviors on many occasions with their revive abilities. Having a team leader to guide you through the Raid and give each of you a specific task, position and role is also extremely beneficial if you want to end up completing the Destiny 2 raid.

PvP boosting requires a stack of 4 players that will go against another team to determine which one is better. We don't know all the modes and maps for PvP, but will be happy to assist you and your friends in anyway possible so that you can end up increasing your winrate and ranking on PvP.

Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine boosting - This is probably the most exciting competitive Destiny features. In Destiny 1 it used to be called Trials of Osiris but is now renamed. This is the biggest challenge that a person can complete. It is a tournament-like event that will probably be available once per month where all players will have the chance to go into a battle with other teams. You will need to end up with 8 out of 10 wins to be crowned a winner in the Trials of the Nine. By doing so you will receive one of the rarest items in the game (in destiny 1 it was a weapon with "burn") and a unique icon that shows you were victorious in this event. Having a good team is absolutely obligatory if you even want to have a chance of having 80%+ winrate. Myboosting will help you complete Trials of the Nine if you need assistance. We will post an additional article aiming to explain in depth this tournament, it's rules and how we'll be performing the service. It is expected to be a 4 v 4 mode (previously 3 v 3).

Strike boosting will also be a part of our services, although significantly easier then Raids and PvP we will be happy to help any of you that struggles in completing one of the shorter PvE missions in the game.

Campaign mode - the story line of the game is a solo adventure through the galaxy. You'll meet most of the known characters in the game while going through it. If you ever get stuck at one place we'll be here to help.

This list of Destiny 2 boosting services is based on the information that we have from the beta and the 1st part of the sequence. However a lot more will be revealed on 6th of September when the full version will be launched live!

Expect additional details and information once released.

Regards, - the quality HotS, HS, Ow and Destiny 2 boosting service.

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