Destiny 2 boosting services at - PvP & PvE boosts (Full information)

Destiny 2 boosting services at - PvP & PvE boosts (Full information)

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 boosting services at - PvP & PvE boosts (Full information)

September 12 , 2017


A week after the official game launch we are ready to present our full list of services. A lot of new information about the game has been release and there is even more to come in the upcoming few days.

Myboosting will perform D2 boosting services for PC, Xbox and PS4. We always strive to cover all possible customer demands and we will do our best to even exceed your expectations. With that being said we will offer help in both PvP and PvE game modes, on all classes and difficulties.

Lets go into more specific details.



PvP, also known as Player vs Player has always been the main focus of any competitive game. Measuring your skill level against other people is exciting and educational experience. It takes time and dedication to become a solid, well-rounded player and dominate your opponents. Here is what we can offer for the PvP modes in D2:

COMPETITIVE PvP RANKED BOOSTING - An official announcement for a permanent competitive ladder has not been released yet. However there are indications that this will happen in the upcoming few months. Developer representative said that there will be actual "skill based" mechanism for determining matchmaking. Also there is a competitive PvP mode active atm, however there is no real content, ranking system or leaderboards behind it yet. This mode puts you in a 4 v 4 battle on different arenas and with different tanks - capture the flag, plant the bomb, survival etc...

We are certain that the game developers know what they are doing. One of the key ingredients for success to any online game is the competitive aspect. If players do not have something to strive for every day, the game might start feeling boring at some point and lose interest. This is the main reason why we think that a Ranking ladder will be created for all the PvP enthusiasts.

TRIALS OF THE NINE BOOST - will offer flawless completion of the weekly Trials event. This is one of the hardest PvP challenges in the game. You need to go 9 wins and 0 losses to claim a perfect score in consecutive 4 v 4 matches. Achieving this score leads to some of the nicest loot in the game. You will most certainly find amazing exotics there that you will love playing with. Additionally there is a Victorious badge that each successful Trial completion gives. It is a very prestigious trophy. In Destiny 1 only 20% of all players that attempted to complete the Trials of Osiris (previous name) have succeeded in reaching the Lighthouse - the spot where the rewards are collected.

The game offers a few bonuses that can help you with your Trials run. You can purchase them with ingame currency - 1 loss prevention, 2 wins for 1 and an extra 1 win packs are available and extremely useful.

Our professional Destiny 2 carries will guarantee your flawless results in the Trials of the Nine. Be one of the very few competitors to achieve this difficult task with

THE IRON BANNER LEVELING - This is a PvP event that appears in the Crucible for 1 week at a time every month. It consist of 6v6 Control, Clash, Rift and Supremacy mode matches. The win rating does not really matter since the progress is measured in Levels. Of course if you win more you'll grind the levels faster. The main aim of this event is to earn Iron Banner Reputation by winning matches and completing Iron Banner Bounties. The highest Level 5 has the best reward but it takes a lot of time to achieve. It requires 8500 Total reputation points and as a reward the Iron Banner Vendor will gift you a Primary Weapon and you shall also receive a Ghost Shell from the match. On the way to the peak level 5 you will also receive multiple other items.



PvE, also know as Player against Environment is a great way to start off the game and keep yourself entertained daily. There is an amazing amount of such events in Destiny 2. To get a proper gear and increase your Character Power level you will most certainly spend numerous hours battling the artificial intelligence. Aliens, robots, small and big monsters will be your primary opponents. In some of these PvE events there is a Cooperative aspect, while in others you will go through the obstacles alone. Here is a list of the PvE modes that we will offer services for:

DESTINY 2 RAID BOOSTING - certainly the most entertaining, challenging and dynamic PvE event that you will play in D2. A group of 6 players will go into a really, really long sequence of obstacles that ends with a huge final boss. You and your group needs to be well coordinated, able to solve puzzles, aim good and approach each situation with a pre-made strategical plan. If any of the group members can not fulfill these requirements your chances to complete the Raid become quite slim.

A new Raid launch is quite rare. The first ever Destiny 2 raid - Leviathan raid has been announced to start on 13th September. There will certainly be more to come in the future, but all players need to focus on the current one at this point. Raids have high requirements and in the first couple of days are close to unbeatable. To participate in this event each player needs to have a specific Power Level or higher. If you have not achieved it, you'll need to grind till you get there. It is important to note that the minimum Power Level that allows you to participate is rarely enough. The better gear and level you have, the higher your chances for success become.

With time the average power level of each player increases and the raid difficulty becomes less challenging. A few days after the initial Raid release there will be a new Heroic Raid difficulty. The endless battle will continue and only a few selected individuals will be able to complete it in the first few days of the Heroic difficulty mode. We as a service will do everything within our power to provide the Destiny 2 raid completion on all difficulties as soon as it is humanly possible.

NIGHTFALL BOOSTING - Similar to Raids the Nightfall missions are exceedingly difficult cooperative PvE missions. There are a few differences though. Nightfalls are weekly events and require a group of only 3 players to start participating. Power level requirements are in force for these events also (Level 240+ for The Inverted Spire for example). Everyone describes Nightfalls as the harder version of a Strike mission and this is probably the correct way to explain it. The difficulty of the Nightfall exceeds multiple times the Strike difficulty, but is lower than what a Raid mission requires, both in terms of Power level, skill and time dedication.

The difficulty level of Nightfall greatly increased when the Prestige Nightfall comes out. This change resembles the Heroic Raid difficulty and again only a very small group of player can successfully complete it.

So far 2 Nightfall events were released and 2 additional have been announced for the upcoming weeks. We offer completion of each of them, so if you want:
The Inverted Spire; The Arms Dealer; Exodus Crash or The Pyramidion Nightfall boost we are here to help.

QUEST COMPLETION - Quests will literary pop everywhere and at anytime while you play D2. Some of the quests are PvE, others are PvP. The difficulty of each givent quest varies dramatically. Some might take just a couple of minutes to complete, while others can take hours. Some of these quests require specific situations or a good group of PvP professionals to complete.

STRIKE BOOST is also listed under quests - strikes are shorter and a bit easier versions of the Nightfall. These events however are not weekly, or determined by a time range. They are very fun to play, especially if you are gaming with your friends. Most moments of the strikes are just massive shooting massacre, although they are not that easy to complete. A Strike mission usually takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. You can play each Strike multiple times and you will always receive a loot at the end.

Currently 6 strikes were released and are available for play: The Pyramidion, The Inverted Spire, Exodus Crash, The Arms Dealer, Savathun's Song and Lake of Shadows (PS4 exclusive).

There are Destiny 2 Daily quests which based on our initial calculations cap at a possible of 18 quests per day. We can take the load of your shoulder and complete each of them.



We will explain separately why this aspect of the game is so important because you can improve your gear both in PvE and PvP events.

Power levels represent how good your gear is. Your endless task in Destiny is to improve it, become stronger and fight tougher, bigger and better opponents. You can not stay static in this game simply because you like how your new armor looks on you. What is really important is what stats this armor gives. The higher Power level gives you access to events and battles that you would not be capable of starting without it. D2 will always be evolving and the Maximum Power level will increase. As an example the current cap is Level 300, but in a few days or weeks this level might look like a joke for the upcoming events. You should always keep on playing the game and keep your gear up-to-date.

There really is no best way to get Power levels faster than the rest. This is due to the fact that each slot of your inventory gives you a specific Power level number. If, for example, you only need better boots, finding them might take days. The loot rewards in the game are very random. Destiny does not give you what you need to be Overpowered, instead it makes you play more and more until you manage to get what you want, so that you can be ready for the future battles. This aspect of the game is quite controversial - some players love it, while others hate it. One thing is for sure - casual players will always be one step behind the ones that dedicate significant time in the Destiny 2 Universe.

For more updates on the game keep track of our news section. There is a big patch with lots of new content coming in just a few days! Stay tuned.

Regards, - The quality Destiny 2 boosting service!

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