Destiny 2 Competitive PvP Ranking announced. Win Valor and Glory in the Crucible.

Destiny 2 Competitive PvP Ranking announced. Win Valor and Glory in the Crucible.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Competitive PvP Ranking announced. Win Valor and Glory in the Crucible.

January 16 , 2018


We are excited to bring you one of the best possible news regarding Destiny 2 - the official announcement of a competitive PvP ladder. The Crucible ranks will be active with the Spring expansion, hitting live with the launch of Season 3. This news is probably the biggest thing that has happened with D2 since its release. Every active player and especially the ones that favour the PvP modes has been anticipating this moment. One thing that is yet unknown is the pro scene that is going to form. Are there going to be seasonal tournaments? Are there going to be multiple sponsored teams fighting for the number 1 spot in the world? - This is still unknown, but we expect that things can only go upwards from here on.

There is not a lot of information about the upcoming ranking system. The Tiers / divisions or points are not announced. However there are some important factors mentioned. Here is the most significant ones

6v6 PvP & 4v4 PvP MODES

Thus far we have been experiencing only the 4 v 4 PvP modes. Besides that it is now official that 6 v 6 matches will also be introduced. Something that is unknown is if the ladders will be different for each of these modes. A separate Ranking for each makes much more sense, but the developers might have a different opinion about that. Also it's vital that when 6v6 is introduced there will be new maps with larger battleground than the current ones. Some of the current maps are most likely fit for both scenarios but a change in that direction is absolutely necessary.

It's certain that one of these two modes will be heavily favored, but only the future will tell which one.



The Crucible will offer two progression systems to grind.

VALOR - a type of a leveling system that will only go up, and never down. The more you play the higher Valor you will achieve. Ofcourse if you win consistently the progression speed will be significantly increased. The system will most likely offer leveling type of ingame rewards, such as cosmetics, player icons and others.


The more exciting progression system will determine your Skill.

GLORY - this is the actual thing we will fight for. Glory will represent your rank. An unofficial leak represents it as a Win / Lose system related to Points and Tiers. Similar to Overwatch's Skill rating system.

The more you win the higher in the ranking you'll get. We do not know if consecutive wins or incredible performance will be a factor that will determine how many points you will win or lose each game. Grinding the leaderboard up will match you with better opponents and harder challenges. It is quite likely that behind the Points there will be tiers, unofficially one of these tiers will be "Legend".

Together with all these new implementations the developers announced that they will work on making the matches more fair, that includes the matchmaking mechanism, leaver penalties and other bug fixes related to the Crucible game modes.

Exciting times are ahead of us. As always our website will perform any service related to the new game features, up to the highest spots in the leaderboards. Stay tuned for more information.


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