Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris expansion changes - Levels, PvP, New gear and Raid activities

Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris expansion changes - Levels, PvP, New gear and Raid activities

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris expansion changes - Levels, PvP, New gear and Raid activities

December 05 , 2017

CURSE OF OSIRIS - 05th December 2017th

Only 3 months after the official release of Destiny 2 for Xbox and PS4 the first expansion will occur. Our Destiny 2 boosting team will give you information on most of the new events and activities that will take be active after the launch.



A new golden world full of adventures and events will be revealed with the upcoming patch - Mercury is the name of the latest planet that all guardians will have the chance to explore. Of course a few exciting activities will arise from that place.

New Raid Lairs - the Leviathan raid will have new lairs to explore and new bosses to fight. The full information is not revealed yet, but it is known that the name of the new lair will be The World Eater which is a part of the Curse of Osiris.

There will also be Lost sector sections, The infinite forest, inevitably strikes and PvP maps that will be related to the new destination.

The new patch will also introduce the highly needed New endgame content. This is a point that almost everyone in Destiny 2 was sceptical about. The game just felt too short to complete. Hopefully the new changes will give us a few extra hours of playtime in the D2 Universe.


As most of you know the current maximum Power level you can get to is 305. This mark will be increased and the new ultimate goal will be reaching Power Level 335 (330 without perks).


The Destiny 2 character level will be increased to Level 25, compared to the previous lvl 20 max. It is logical to have additional sub class abilities to increase with that.


RANKED PvP (early 2018th)

YES - The long awaited Competitive Destiny 2 PvP ladder is officially announced. It will not be released on 5th December, but as stated is moving "to the top of their list" and is most likely expected early 2018th. We don't have full information on how the ladder will work. Unofficial information states that we will have Tiers and Divisions to grind up.

Another exciting new addition for all Crucible fans is the "Leaver penalty system" that will minimize the amount of quitters in your games. Hopefully the matches will feel more balanced and in general more competitive that way.


Heroic strikes and adventures with better rewards - absolutely liking the idea. Increasing the amount of "worth to play" activities is something that Destiny

New Lost sector activities and rewards - expected in 2018th.



A new Weapon tier has been announced - Masterworks, which will include stat trackers, re-rollable stat bonuses, unique item tooltips and item details screens. Another gear change announced is that vendors will now be granting better, improved rewards.

Ofcourse we will see a lot new additions in terms of gear. The Era of Mida, Uriels gift, Sins of the past and a few other weapons might be coming to an end. Only time will tell what the new top choices to equip will be.

Armor ornaments - these will be visual upgrades that you can acquire either by completing quests, or purchasing with tokens and legendary shards. You will now be able to modify your armor. An exciting feature is that these ornaments will be on seasonal rotation, meaning that if you start playing in Season 3 you will never be able to get the ornaments that were available in Season 2.



Xur has definitely been one of the characters in Destiny 1 to visit, while in D2 it has quite less popularity. Yes you can get an exotic from him, but the diversity was simply not there.

Xur will now grant you a Guaranteed new exotic (not duplicate) every week if you visit him and purchase one of the items listed with Legendary Shards. This is an awesome and easy way to fill in your stash with the missing Exotics that you want.

In general the new DLC is quite exciting news. The game had quite the blast upon it's official release, but is now starting to lack content and diversity. Hopefully these changes will grant us something to constantly keep playing the game. The most exciting of all news in our eyes as PvP fans is the Competitive crucible ladder.


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