Destiny 2 The Iron Banner boosting

Destiny 2 The Iron Banner boosting

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Iron Banner boosting

October 10 , 2017


What is the Iron Banner?

The Iron Banner is a monthly Crucible event where you will fight in a team of 4 players into a control match against another team of 4. Power level will not make a difference in this game mode, it is a purely skill based event where all opponents have equal strength.

In order to participate in the Iron Banner you will have to complete the story of the game and unlock the Tower, where you can meet Lord Saladin and participate in this Crucible PvP event.

You can enter as a solo player or you can stack a full 4 man team. The battle will take place on different locations (maps) and will be on control mode.


The Iron Banner will be available for 1 week each month and will close after the 7 days have passed. The first one has started a couple of hours ago on 10th October and will end on 17th October. This is all the time you have to complete the milestone of the event and earn as many rewards, tokens and gear. These rewards can only be obtained by participating in this event and eventually converting them with Lord Saladin at the Tower.



The ultimate goal of this event is to collect 10 full packs (200 tokens). You will see this as a Milestone in your game manu. Achieving that will bring you the seasonal reward from this crucible event.

The way you can earn rewards is similar to the way you earn Engrams with other factions.

You gather a fixed amount of tokens (20 tokens = 1 full pack) and you turn them for engrams which will drop a peace of the new gear. Completing the milestone unlocks a Powerful gear.

What services Will offer while the Iron Banner is active:

- Iron Banner Token farming

- You can opt to use the service as Recovery or Carries. Additionally Recovery clients can put Streaming option on.

We guarantee our clients, that all Iron Banner games will be played by a high skilled player and will be executed as fast as possible.

Regards, - The quality Destiny 2 boosting service!

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