Destiny 2 PC launching soon. How to start the game & boosting benefits.

Destiny 2 PC launching soon. How to start the game & boosting benefits.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PC launching soon. How to start the game & boosting benefits.

October 17 , 2017


The moment most of us have been waiting for is almost here. Destiny 2 on PC! Just one week from now all the computer FPS enthusiasts will be able to start their journey through the D2 universe. If you are not familiar with the game in details, this article will guide you through the first steps you need to make in this lovely new game. Most of the content is known, since the Console version has been live for over a month now. However, the game developers are really bringing some additional benefits to the PC guys, regardless of the delayed launch. Here are some details that you want to know for PC:

- 4K Resolution Support (3820x2160)

- Uncapped framerate

- Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping

- Text and voice chat

- Adjustable Field of View

- Detailed PC settings screen

- 21:9 monitor support

- Controller support, tuned individually for Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers

Minimum system requirements

CPU - Intel - Core i3-3250 / AMD - FX-4350

GPU - Nvidia - GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD - Radeon HD 7850 2GB




Every Guardian (you) that starts the game will first have to make a choice - what class to choose.

You have 3 options - Titan, Hunter & Warlock.

The classes do not differ that much if you are for example coming from Diablo. There are however differences in their abilities that might fit your playstyle. If you are a beginner we recommend you to start with either Titan (if you prefer tanks) or a Warlock (if you prefer sustain and utilities). In general, you will never lack damage, no matter which class you select. And do not worry, you can always start a new class if you do not enjoy playing your initial choice.

Each new character you create will have to go through the Story line of the game. This is something that you will most certainly enjoy the first time you play. However if you need to go over and over the story it is quite likely that you will get bored of it. We can take care of that for you and get your new classes to level 20 in destiny in less than 12 hours.

You will also see another leveling indicator called "Power level" that represents your Gear level. The higher you get the stronger you will be. There are two main divisions when it comes to the best way to get high power level fast.

From level 1 to level 265 - best thing to do is to get your storyline completed and roam Public events untill you reach that mark. Loots in the game are limited to drop at a maximum of 265 Power in most events. Once you reach that point it becomes exceedingly hard to get higher power.

Above 265 - Complete your daily / weekly challenges. Everything that will give you "Powerful gear" is to be done at this poinst. There are also Exotic quests - 1 on each planet that will reward you with great new gear and will help you get to around 280-285th level. Keep in mind that when you get to level 280 you can start using your weapon Mods (modifiers) and you can get an additional 3-4 levels just by attaching these to your current items.

Remember - always put the highest Power level gear you have.

Another Trick to get even higher Power is to create 2nd character of the same class. Once you complete the story the Weekly Quests and Challenges will also be available for your primary character. Do them and you'll get an extra few levels.



Destiny 2 has quite a lot of diversity when it comes to what you can do in it's vast universe. Although the Storly line is a little bit short (expected to get updated with the next expansion) you can select from a number of PvE and PvP game modes. The most exciting of these are:

Trials of the Nine - a weekly PvP event that starts each Friday and ends Monday. 4 v 4 battle with one single aim - to go undefeated in 7 matches in a row. Getting the flawless card will reward you with an extraordinary exotic weapon.

Raids - a PvE event that requires a team of 6 players to go through a very long sequence of puzzles, battles and at the end the ultimate Boss. Currently there is only 1 raid to be done and if you require Leviathan raid help we can provide it.

Strikes & Nightfall - A PvE mode with a lot of action. Requires 3 players to participate in these. Strikes have matchmaking system, while Nightfall doesnt.

The Iron Banner - monthly PvE event that is 1 week long. Requires a lot of time with its main goal set to collect a total of 200 tokens from this mode (takes around 8-16 hours of playtime).

There are also multiple Public events, Quests and challenges that will pop for you each day so that you do not get bored. And ofcourse if you ever need help with any of these we are here for you.

Regards, - The quality Destiny 2 boosting service!

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