Destiny 2 PvP best builds - Warlock, Hunter, Titan

Destiny 2 PvP best builds - Warlock, Hunter, Titan

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PvP best builds - Warlock, Hunter, Titan

September 14 , 2017





Granade: Axion bolt

Info: Void bolt Grenade that spreads out upon impact seeking nearby opponents dealing approximately 90 damage. Seeks up to 2 opponents.
Reason: Implemented Tracking, causes opponents to run away or take high damage, putting the player at a great advantage in both situations. This grenade can be used to drive opponents of a capture point, or to eliminate enemies at critical health attempting to flee around a corner.

Class ability: Healing Rift

Info: Conjures a well of light which continuously heals the player and his allies standing within the radius of the circle.

Reason: Competitive PvP heavily relies upon player survivability due to the respawn limit. Putting down a healing rift allows you and your allies to survive longer during gunfights always procking health regen. The benefits to instant health regen outnumbers that of placing an empowering rift.

Jump: Blink

Info: Allows the player to teleport forward a couple meters.

Reason: During the teleport there is a slight millisecond of invulnerability as you vanish into thin air, great for confusing opponents in close range battles. Best used while holding a shotgun, to close the range between both players instantly for utilizing a shotguns deadliness. Also great for escaping unfavored battles. Does have slight disadvantages, such as map loss for a split second but can be lethal in the right hands with a bit of practice.

Super ability: Nova bomb

Info: Hurl an explosive bolt of void light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast.

Reason: The quick activation, the fast travel speed, the instant disintegration of every opponent struck by this super, these are all major factors in PvP. The nova bomb is a powerful super, best used to annihilate a group of opponents attempting to capture a point. The high damage of the nova bomb makes it perfect to kill any foes in their supers, best used on hunter arcstriders, Warlock stormcallers or titans in all three of their super forms.

Passive ability: Attunement of hunger

Devour: Killing an enemy with this melee fully restores health, as a follow up effect kills restore additional health for a short time.

Feed the void: Consume grenade energy to regenerate health.

Insatiable: While Devour is active, killing enemies extends its duration and regenerates grenade energy.

Vortex: Nova bomb creates a large orb which continually damages enemies trapped inside.

Reason: Devour and insatiable add a good deal to a warlock's survivability and vortex is perfect for holding off a point or a narrow hallway after casting nova bomb.




Granade: Voidwall grenade

Info: Emits a horizontal line of burning void light upon impact.

Reason: Is vastly superior to the alternative grenades Nightstalker offers. It not only emits the greatest amount of damage per second, but due its unique detonation which spreads linearly over a long distance, allows you to cover large surface areas, and can often even catch enemies off guard and lead to a kill.

Class ability: Marksman’s dodge

Info: Dodge to perform an evasive maneuver which automatically reloads your weapon.

Reason: Both dodges are relatively similar in their ability to jump away quickly, however this one also reloads your gun, giving you little reason to opt for the other.

Jump: Triple jump

Info: Perform up to two additional jumps while airborne.

Reason: This one does not necessarily give severe advantages or disadvantages when altered, however triple jump does have the most maneuverability which can sometimes save you in PVP.

Super ability: Shadowshot

Info: Fires a void anchor that tethers any opponents within range to the anchor. Tethered opponents will be slowed down and take more damage, additionally blocks foes from using their supers and cancels out active supers.

Reason: This may be the weakest of the 3 supers the hunter has to offer, however when used correctly can still create some damage. The super is best used as a counter to other ultimates as it can remove enemies ultimate ability and turn the tides.

Passive ability: Way of the trapper

Snare bomb: Throw a smoke bomb as melee ability which causes the opponents to be slowed down and disorientated.

Keen scout: Allows for faster sprinting and sneaking, causes tethered opponents to be marked for enhanced tracking.

Deadfall: Void anchor has increased range and duration, allows shadowshot to be fired at any surface.

Vanishing step: invisibility is activated for a short duration after dodge is used.

Reason: The smoke bomb, which can be used as traps for approaching enemies, increased sprinting speed and enhanced map, and invisibility (which also takes you off the radar, making sneaking up on enemies very possible) all create the most deadly PVP class combo for hunters.




Granade: Lightning grenade

Info: A grenade that emits bolts of lightning that strike at vast range, sticks to any surface.

Reason: Extremely powerful grenade, if thrown at the right surface it can hold off a narrow hallway on its own as it does immense damage.

Class ability: Towering barricade

Info: Place a large barricade to take cover from enemy fire.

Reason: Large barricade can be used to block a narrow hallway as it does high damage to any opponent who walks through it. Can also be used to block off a side to a capture point, to cease fire from that direction.

Jump: Strafe lift

Info: Allows for more directional control while airborne.

Reason: Having the ability to strafe midair can be clutch, it can save the player’s life while airborne in comparison to the other jumps. More control also allows for easier maneuvering to advantageous positions.

Super ability: Fist of havoc

Info: Slamming the ground with devastating force while supercharged.

Reason:.Meeting a group of opponents can be lethal sometimes but not when you have fist of havoc, you will be feared as you slam the ground eliminating your foes. It doesn't end there though, you can continuously run with super armor and keep smashing the ground causing colossal damage to the opponents.

Passive ability: Code of the juggernaut

Frontal assault: Using this melee will reload your weapon and increase stability for a short duration.

Reversal: Melee kills trigger health regeneration.

Knockout: Shooting down an opponent's shield or critically wounding them increases your melee range and damage.

Trample: Kills with fist of havoc increase its duration.

Reason: The striker subclass is a deadly weapon at close range, shoot down an opponent’s shield, then melee causing Knockout to activate which will consequently activate Reversal to instantly regenerate your health. Great for alternating from one battle to another. As for fist of havoc, Trample makes it even more powerful than it already is.

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