Destiny 2 Raid completion (boost)

Destiny 2 Raid completion (boost)

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Raid completion (boost)

August 26 , 2017


One of the most exciting and action filled PvE events will be related to the so called "raids". A group of 6 players will stack in a quest to overcome a challenge in which you will solve puzzles, jump over traps and fight numerous small and big mobs. At the end of each raid you will meet the big boss who will test your skill and limits. The usual time of each raid is between 4-8 hours (that is if you succeed).

It is very important to have a proper set of players on your side to have a chance in completing these events. Quite often even 1 weak player can mess up and fail the whole mission. On many occasions you will need to coordinate the team assault and think strategically. Some parts of the raids can be only completed if you position properly and communicate throughout the whole part. If some of your teammates requires assistance it is vital to provide such.

Selecting players from different classes is also important. Having a good mix of Titans, Hunters and Warlocks can benefit you and make the mission easier. Usually Warlocks are game changers on that mode so be sure to have at least 1 or 2 of them besides you.

Raid boosting will be follow the changes in the game. A single raid can be completed a number of times, but usually the rewards are pre-determined. After a period of time the game developers will release a new raid. Each new challenge will be added to our Destiny 2 boosting services section so that you can easily end up winning the rewards and completing the newest raids.



We give you the chance to play with one of the best players in the game. On many occasions you will struggle to complete a certain part of your raid. With our help you will always have someone to help you and guide you through the mission. Additionally we have a 24/7 live support that will always assist you with questions related to the game. That however doesn't mean that we can tell you the walk-through information. Destiny is a skill based shooter that requires a lot of qualities - team coordination, leadership, aim, strategical approach. We can give you that by using our service.

The benefits you'll receive when you use Myboosting's Destiny 2 services is obvious. All the rewards, unique items and badges will be for you to use. As most of you know you become stronger in the game when you receive new and better items. To have the best gear you will need to spend a lot of hours playing - that's for sure.

If you are a PvP maniac you will also benefit a lot from our Raid boosting service. Why so? There are unique items that you can get only at a certain raid event. There is a little bit of Randomness whether you will get what you need on the first try... but if you put your mind into it you will definitely get the gear you want.

Let's hope that Destiny 2 Raids will be as exciting as they were on D1. We just hope that the diversity in them will be significantly increased. We shall see what is planned for the game quite soon!

Regards, - The quality Destiny 2 boosting service!

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