Destiny 2 - Trials of the Nine carry service.

Destiny 2 - Trials of the Nine carry service.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Trials of the Nine carry service.

August 11 , 2017


Destiny 2 newest addition is called Trials of the Nine, previously called Trials of Osiris. The information is officially confirmed and the new game mode will hit the battleground shortly after the launch in September. It seems that we have finally earned the trust of our friend Osiris who gave us many challenges in D1. The new tasks will be given by the mysterious circle of the Nine. The story behind them is very little, but that will presumably change in Destiny 2.
This game mode is the ultimate quest for all Destiny players. It is a PvP based mode where you need to win at least 8 out of 10 games against another team. The old version gave that chance once in a month, presuming that D2 will be no different regarding that. You will fight your way towards victory in a team of 4 (previously 3) and if you prove worthy in front of the Nine you will receive special rewards including weapons and an Icon that shows your achievement. This is by far the hardest challenge that you can face, therefor will be offering Trials of the Nine boosting as a service. We will guarantee you the 8+ victories needed to complete the challenge and the prizes coming with it.



Most of you will certainly start the game playing numerous hours of PvE. That is indeed the right way to approach the game since in order to be a challenging opponent you will need the gear up and match or out match your enemies in a PvP. Getting better items and weapons and levels is a must in Destiny. It is very hard for a newcomer to beat someone that has the experience and weapons to destroy you. Once you hit the point where you find yourselves ready you will most certainly want to compete in the Trials event.

If you do not have a team of 4 our Destiny 2 boosting squad will be happy to assist you. We will offer 2 options from which you can select the one you prefer:

- You can team up with our pro players in a and go into the event with confidence.
- You can also select one of our players to play on your account and on your behalf, guaranteeing the end result.


The rewards are 100% guaranteed. If for some reason we fail to meet your expectations you are entitled to receive a refund or another service of your liking. has proven to be the top boosting and coaching service for multiple games. We are proud of what we have achieved. We always strive for perfection and our Destiny 2 boosting service will be no different. We promise our clients that the results and satisfaction they will get by using us will be unmatched by any other service on the market.

We want to make your Destiny 2 experience as pleasant as possible. If you want to improve in-game we'll be here, if you can not complete a specific raid, strike or event we will always provide. Feel free to message our 24/7 live chat for any questions that might arise regarding the game, our services and prices.

Regards, - The quality Destiny 2 boosting service!

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