Destiny 2 - What the game is about. How to grind levels efficiently.

Destiny 2 - What the game is about. How to grind levels efficiently.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - What the game is about. How to grind levels efficiently.

September 08 , 2017


Destiny 2 is a first person shooter game resembling a number of other games. It is more of a mix between Halo, Diablo, World of Warcraft and has elements from other games. However the game has a unique flavor with lots of story to keep the players entertained. You will meet multiple characters from different races while you roam the galaxy. Receiving quests, items and guidance on your journey is inevitable.

During your adventure you will face different opponents. You will shoot at a billion aliens, each one of them will give you experience to level up, and occasionally drop an item. The normal levels of a character class - Titan, Hunter and Warlock is capped to 20. This level is quite easily achievable and takes approximately 12-24 hours of playtime.

However there is another leveling factor in the game that is determined by the gear you are wearing (power levels). This is a progression system based level that has a cap, but is always going to increase with new events, raids, expansions. The power levels used to be called "light" levels in Destiny 1. They are extremely important if you want to be up to date with all the new events that will arise. In some cases you will not even be capable to complete some raids and strikes if you do not have a specific power level. The higher you get the more dangerous opponents you'll be able to face and beat. For example the end mob on Raids will certainly need some powerful gear to help you get through it.


The main thing each of us will do is roam the universe and shoot aliens. There is also a PvP mode that is quite exciting and has 3 main trees - Quick play, Competitive play and Trials of the Nine. Each of them has different purpose in the game and has increased difficulty. As always Myboosting will offer Destiny 2 boosting services for each of these.

There are 3 classes you can choose from - Titan, Hunter, Warlock, each of these can be built differently to match your criteria for gameplay. You can adjust the way you jump, shoot, throw grenades and your ultimate ability. Each of you can have infinite number of characters to play, but you will have to progress on them all if you want them to be competitively built. As far as damage goes, each of the classes provides enough damage to take onto any opponent, so do not worry about that.

Your main objective is to ever upgrade your gear - boosts, armor, helmet, guns etc. You can play with the gear you feel best fit in your PvP battles, but in the PvE modes you'll most likely have to get the ones that give you the best Power Level number.



There are a number of ways that you can increase your power level. The most efficient at the moment is to stack in a group with a high level duo / trio team and beat specific mobs that usually give you the best gear. Farming loots is extremely important and similar to other games like Diablo some mobs give better stuff than others. So you can target the places in the universe and quests that are best to grind. Play them a few times 5-10 until you get the gear you want.

Whenever a new event pops or in most cases a raid, there is a preparation phase. This includes playing for a long period of time so that you can gather the gear you need in order to complete the raid or the weekly strike (nightfalls). There is a bit of a RNG in the game when it comes to what guns and gear you will get. It might take you a couple of hours to get all you need, but it might also take you a week to prepare for the upcoming missions.

There is also the Engrams, which are basically little gems that you can get “decrypted” and then transform into weapons and armor. You can also get glimmer, which is just Destiny money, as well as XP and reputation points toward whatever groups and factions you’ve decided to pledge yourself to.

The best way to do that is to play a lot, preferably in a group with your friends and constantly roam the PvE events. More updates will be coming in the next few days. For now, good luck to all the console players that battle in the destiny 2 universe.

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