Did you enjoy the Overwatch open beta? What will the game look like at launch

Did you enjoy the Overwatch open beta? What will the game look like at launch


Did you enjoy the Overwatch open beta? What will the game look like at launch

May 11 , 2016


The last few days were full of action on the Overwatch battlefields. The free access to the game gave a chance to those that didn't get invited to the Closed Beta to get a taste of the game. Although the competitive mode was not enabled during the Open Beta the Quick match mode was pretty crowded with newcomers. Some really didn't have a clue what to do in the game which is nothing to be ashamed of, others showed great knowledge of the game by OnlyWatching. A few guides and videos of the game prior to actually playing improves the ingame skill by a significant amount. Knowing the champions, the maps and the objectives is a must in this FPS.

Experience means a lot in this game so the more you play the better you will get. At the start the game might look too flashy and chaotic, but it really is not. Getting to play a few games will give you the sense of Overwatch - how it should be played and what the competition revolves around. A good background from other FPS games like CS, TF2, CoD proves quite useful no matter what others say.

However Overwatch brings a new and unique experience with the champion pool and map diversity that it has. Finding the right hero for you might be a tricky thing to do. We would like to help you find your inner Overwatcher so that you can stomp the competition to the best of your ability.

Myboosting.com Overwatch boosting service will dedicate a full section within our website and a series of articles aiming to enlarge the knowledge of each player of the game. Every information related the game will be completely free of charge and available to anyone interested. We will create a series of Overwatch Hero and Map guides including tips and tricks written by one of the highest ranked players in the game.

Stay tuned for our new Overwatch boosting section, also an in-depth Overwatch champion tier list and keep track of the game related news for more useful information.

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The answer is - no. The game will remain the same to a big portion, a few balance changes and bug fixes are expected but overall there will not be any dramatic changes. Overwatch will officially start again on 24th May 2016.

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A thing that most Open Beta players didn't experience is the Competitive mode. We as an Ovw boosting organization know how important competition is for many players. Sadly Blizzard decided to not bring this game mode for the free access period. It is understandable though. For the brief time that new players had there was not much point in putting the competitive mode on. However it will be live shortly after the launch and all that have purchased the game will be able to grind the tier system ladder. This aspect of the game is what Myboosting.com specializes at with its few uniquely skilled players we can get you to the top stops of the competitive Overwatch ladder. We will also have a number of high tier players at your disposal for coaching sessions - a great way to learn both the basics of the game and the little tricks that only the masters of the game know!

So if you are a real fan of the game and you want to play with the big boys our service is just for you. Our new fully build Overwatch boosting section will be available with the launch of the game, or with the introduction of the competitive mode shortly after 24th May. Hype XD!

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