Doomfist - Overwatch champion guide

Doomfist - Overwatch champion guide


Doomfist - Overwatch champion guide

October 17 , 2017


1. Introduction

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

3. Skills and Abilities

4. Auto attacking

5. How to use your abilities + combos

6. How to play Doomfist strategically (in-depth)

7. How to improve your mechanics

8. Picks and counter picks

9. How to play against a good Doomfist

10. Conclusion


1. Introduction

- Role - Offense

- Difficulty – Medium to High

- What is he good at – Doomfist is the newest Overwatch champion and he is part of the offense champions. Although many believed that he would be taking a flank role, such as Genji and Tracer, we soon discovered that he is more of a defense type hero, because of his lack of utility. He is really good at disruption and dealing a lot of damage with a precise combo. He’s hard-hitting in every way, able to smack enemies into walls and uppercut them into the skies.

- When to pick/not pick- Picking him usually means that you have to deal with flanking enemies, holding a good choke point , or even in offense for a quick dive comp with Zarya.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses (in-depth Doomfist analysis)

It’s really tempting to go all in with an aggressive melee oriented character, and it’s easy to put yourself in harm’s way when you simply don’t need to. While his abilities allow him to leap around the battlefield with ease, he might end up in a situation that he is just a free target, as he has a really big hitbox. In order to play Doomfist well, you’ve got to be patient and wait for the right opportunities to arise - so you can get the most out of each situation.

He is great on protecting choke points and pulling enemies for a combo as well.

Short Summary:

- Strengths – defending choke points, disruptive combos, able to cover great distance with his skills and able to capitalize on enemy mistakes very easily. Doomfist excels on maps with tight corridors, small areas with the opportunity to flank( example King’s Row street )

- Weaknesses – his big hitbox makes him one of the most easily champions to hit, easily punished out of position (most cases when you dive aggressively without that being needed). He is bad on open maps with wide areas of free space. ( Example Route 66 )

3.Skills (Abilities)

- LMB hand Cannon – Short-range weapon with spread. Reloads automatically.

- RMB – Rocket Punch – Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy back. Damage increases if the enemy hits a wall.

LSHIFT – Rising uppercut – Knock an enemy into the air.

E – Seismic slam – Leap forward and smash the ground, knocking nearby enemies towards you.

Q – Meteor Strike – Press Q to leap up into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press LMB to strike the targeted area.

Passive – The best Defense – Generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.

4.Auto attacking

- LMB – You can use hand Cannon in two ways, as a slight animation canceling tool and at the same time raising your combo damage or as a midrange attack. The difference is that you don’t really have to target your auto attack when using it in combos, since you are fighting at melee range.


5.How to use your abilities + combos

The first things you have to know is:

- How many combos does Doomfist have. (It differs depending on what ability would be your starter).

- How much damage they deal.

- How to know when to use which.

So let’s begin with some basic ones:

-Simple 1,2 combo- Slam[E], Shoot[LMB], Fist[RMB] – This combo is good for low health targets for a quick burst.

-Again simple combo , while using more skills and adding an auto in between each - Slam[E], Shoot [LMB], Uppercut[LSHIFT], Shoot,[LMB], Fist[RMB].

Complex combo , which deals tons of damage -

Shoot [LMB], Slam[E], Shoot [LMB], Uppercut[LSHIFT], Shoot,[LMB], Fist[RMB], Shoot [LMB] , melee attack. This combo is really advance, but if you are able to master it , you will be able to kill pretty much anything in the game.

Movement combo – Easily, from almost any map you can start with Fist[RMB], Uppercut[LSHIFT], Slam[E], from spawn - to get you quickly back in to the fight.

And of course , you can always combo your ult with Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Reinhardt’s Earthshatter

6. How to play Doomfist strategically (in-depth)

While fighting as Doomfist you have to keep in mind that you are very easy to target by range attacks and by Cc abilities like McCree flashbang, so you always have to keep in mind your positioning and utilize your passive the best you can. As we already know he generates a temporary shield when hitting abilities. So you have to play in a very discipline way to maximize your kill potential.

Let’s start with Escort maps while attacking.

Example : Watchtpoint Gibraltar - The enemy team needs to contest the cart so pushing it with this champion won’t give you any advantage, rather Doomfist will be an easy kill , because as we mention before he has a big hitbox and he has no efficient way to defend himself from that. The smart play here would be to let your range teammates to push it and to let the fight develop in front of you, as the enemy team will have to come contest it. This will allow you essentially to join the fray in the right moment so you can pick of a target enemy and win the team battle.

Doomfist is key to deny dive characters to come in and pick of an easy target from your back line. This will allow them to do their job while we are doing ours.

He is great at protecting choke points on Assault maps such as Volskaya Industries. Because his zoning protection play is what makes him shine. Picking of an over extended enemy or disrupting the enemy front line and quickly back off is his unique play style.

7.How to improve your mechanics

Imagine Doomfist as a character from a fighting game. The first thing you can improve on is your “Footsies” game. Knowing how a duel will develop versus specific heroes and when to safely pushing and essentially kill them. You can start by going into training mode and practice few of the combos that we already mentioned – make sure that you always sneak in primary fire shots in between all your abilities so you can maximize your damage. Now once you are feeling comfortable executing them we can talk about certain match ups and how to optimally use each skill.

-Disruption and setup - E – Seismic Slam is great to sneakily cancel an enemy big skill such as McCree ‘’Deadeye’’ and at the same time start your combos. As it pulls him towards you with a very brief Cc which cancels his ult. The rest is up to you to decide how you want to execute him from that moment on as he is a free kill.

-Picking off a target enemy - The bread and butter of Doomfist’s killing potential is his Rocket Punch as it has four seconds cooldown. So you can basically execute 200 hp champions with a single 1, 2 combo. They key here is to make sure to you hit the enemy towards a wall so they don’t escape on a sliver of health and you to be left standing as an easy pick of.

-Understanding your passive and utilizing all your abilities – A lot of people would say that Soldier 76 is a counter to Doomfist, however the lack of burst damage from the Soldier and given the fact that you have a CC ability can turn the duel in your favor. Hitting a precise Seismic Slam will give you the needed window to follow up your combo and generate you enough shield to survive the duel.
Meteor strike is not only an ability that should be used for engages or comboing with teammates, it can also be your optimal escaping and zoning tool. In situations in which Genji uses Dragonblade he would essentially want to dive your backline and the enemy team will start cleaning the fight if he picks up a kill or two. In this moment you can use your ultimate ability to zone him off and protect your back line. You are low on hp and you know that you are going to fall very soon, you can use meteor strike to safely escape from harm , retreat , get healed and get back to the fight.

8. How to improve your mechanics

Doomfist is mainly picked to counter dive characters such as Genji and Tracer. He is great at defending, especially when you can jump around your team mates and disrupt enemies while picking of targets.
He is weak against:

- Orisa (Immune to CC, utilizing the fact the he has a big hitbox she can kill him with ease.)

- Sombra (If she is able to hack him before he can react, he comes just a target practice)

- MacCree (Doomfist can’t protect himself from his flashbang, once that hits, he is doomed)

- Widowmaker (Long rage executions)

- Pharah (Focuses him from a distance with rockets - he wouldn’t be able to reach her)

- Mei (timed Ice block or freezing him from an unexpected angle will not allow him to win this duel)

9. Playing against a good Doomfist

Following the above guide you will already know his key strengths and weakness. What you need to always remember is that he is the most glass cannon dps in the game, if he goes all in and misses = free kill; If he is not aware of your dps placement and he is fighting in the open = easy pick up; Play smart and anticipate his next move and you will have no problem with him. Make sure you don’t overextend and always be aware of your surroundings, keep your CC abilities when possible (or shields in case of Zarya) and you will have a better gaming experience playing versus a Doomfist.

10. Conclusion Playing

This Doomfist guide is well rounded for players throughout the whole ladder. Learn his combos in practice, start dueling different heroes, so you can understand even better how his kit works. There are going to be countless scenarios which are not specifically described here, but if you follow it while getting the firsthand experience, you will become a monster to be reckon with.

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