European Overwatch tournament for Xbox One by Fortified Gaming!

European Overwatch tournament for Xbox One by Fortified Gaming!


European Overwatch tournament for Xbox One by Fortified Gaming!

December 09 , 2016


Overwatch is one of the fastest expanding games that this industry has ever seen. New players from around the world join in this amazing first person shooter daily with signs of continued growth.

Each of us can monitor the development of the game and see that it’s heading upwards. The amount of casual & pro players, the organized events, and the fan base is growing.

There is one aspect of the game that seems to be left in the dark, drawing little to no attention at its current state. Yes - we are talking about the console events for Overwatch. Comparing the number of players coming from Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 to the PC show almost equal numbers. At the same time, there are hundreds of PC events and sponsored teams while the console players can only enjoy 1 - 2 event at best per month. That is definitely not due to lack of talent among the Xbox and PS4 players.

With that being said, we have decided to help and sponsor Fortified Gaming in creating a circle of events meant to please the console fans.




Most important details:

  • The event will take place every Saturday at 18:00 GMT. (Weekly tournament)
  • It’s only for Xbox One teams of 6 players.
  • Registration is free for any team that wants to join.
  • Format - Best out of 3 (BO3) / Final is BO5.
  • Prize pool for the 2nd tournament - 90$ (60$ 1st place; 30$ 2nd place)

Additional information:

As all new starts, this one will be challenging. The main purpose of this event is to gather high skill teams from across Europe and attract console fans that want to measure where they stand in terms of skill, game knowledge and team communication. One of the best ways to become better at what you love is to learn from the best!

Fortified Gaming has some great plans for the close future that should attract a lot of pro teams, viewers and possibly sponsors. Expansion to PS4 and other regions of the world is also on the “to do list”. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy and support this event to help it get bigger and better!

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Fortified Gaming was originally an organization sponsoring teams for "League of Legends". After several successful months of hosting tournaments for "League of Legends" and steady growth, Fortified Gaming has decided to take the opportunity to expand to hosting tournaments for other games and platforms. "Overwatch" is now the newest game where tournaments will be hosted by Fortified Gaming. Tournaments will be held every week to create exposure and retain players wanting to play.

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