An exclusive 15% discount on all Heroes of the Storm boost orders until the preseason ends

An exclusive 15% discount on all Heroes of the Storm boost orders until the preseason ends

Heroes of The Storm

An exclusive 15% discount on all Heroes of the Storm boost orders until the preseason ends

May 09 , 2016


Our Heroes of the Storm boosting organization is giving a 15% OFF promo code to all clients that use our service until the preseason ends. The anticipation of the arrival of the official season 1 has been too long for most of us and we would like to gift our customers a prize for their dedication to the game. As we all know the HotS ranked season 1 will start on 14th June 2016.

The promotion code is - preseason15 - simply type that in the "promo code" field when purchasing.

Your discount will be calculated instantly and you will be charged 15% less on anything you are purchasing at

We've been making a lot of upgrades to our website lately and we are working on even more at the moment. Our customers can now use our Members area and have an easier time keeping track of what is going on with their orders. You can also chat directly to your assigned boosters. Full information on how to use our members area can be found HERE.

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Myboosting is an organization that values quality above anything. We try to keep each client satisfied and fulfill any demand that he/she might have if it's reasonable ofcourse. With this discount we are making our boosting service affordable for a bigger number of potential clients. We want each HotS player to feel welcome here whenever he/she needs a little help. We've been told on a few occasions that the service that we provide is a bit pricey, although we do not entirely agree with this statement due to many factors. We keep our standard extremely high which requires a lot of resources and time. With our periodic promotions more and more customers can experience what our service gives. We've had a few campaigns so far and we've never had a disappointed customer and we intend to keep things that way.

Overwatch is our new game addition to the site. Our Overwatch boosting section is currently being developed and will be released for the launch of the game at 24th May.

We are going to make even bigger campaigns for both of the games when they are released and the official competitive play begins so you can keep track of our ongoing promotions.


We offer a variety of options when it comes to HotS boosts. Each client can most certainly find what he/she is looking for in our HotS boosting section.

Choose from normal Hero League boosting, Duoqueue, Win boosting, Team league boosting and more. We guarantee quality, speed and satisfaction. And what better moment to do that - the end of the preseason rewards are announced and you can win any of them by simply ordering from We will make it happen!

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For more news, announcements and promotions keep track of - the quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!