A few things that can come into use! (Hots boosting website review)

A few things that can come into use! (Hots boosting website review)

Heroes of The Storm

A few things that can come into use! (Hots boosting website review)

October 20 , 2015

There is a rumour going on around the hots related forums

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As far as our intel goes there might be an upcoming voice messaging system in all of the b-net games. That should include Heroes of the Storm by presumption. That would be more than good. The game is so teambased that a tool like this is going to make it a lot more competitive and you will be able to reduce the trollmode games by a significant margin. If you have a hots booster in your team you might even pick up advises for free :) Wouldnt that be great. But really, we all know that some people just like to troll. It is much easier when noone can identify you - either by face or voice. If you engage in a nice talk such a guy, no matter that his initial intentions were to be a pain in the ass, its much more likely for you to convince him to play seriously.

A big thing is that the Leaders will be able to LEAD. Hots boosting would become a bit more easier that way. When you have a solid guide, a pro Hots booster in your game, he will walk you step by step to the victory. That is not that easy to achieve using the current chat system.

This information is still unconfirmed as far as we know, but we as a Hots boost site would love to see it in action!

Another quite nice thing you can see in the last few days

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Reddit forum has a sticky thread in which you can find teammates that are looking to play together with you. That makes the boring days a bit more fun. It is sometimes a nice experience to actually play that teambased game as a group instead of spamming it solo. Hots boosting is available for those that are stuck in the lower ranks. For the ones still not convinced that they want to use our Heroes of the storm boosts - well you can find relief playing in some of these games with a few teammates. Maybe you will have a bit of luck and find someone that can help you grind the ladder for free. Chances are not that big, but they are there! Good luck :)

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