Fortnite early access. Release dates. What to expect in the future.

Fortnite early access. Release dates. What to expect in the future.


Fortnite early access. Release dates. What to expect in the future.

February 02 , 2018


Greetings Fortnite fans. Yesterday officially included this lovely game into the list of supported games for boosting and coaching.

Quite likely most of you think that Fortnite is officially released. In theory that was done on 25 July 2017th when the first soldiers entered the battlefield. However the game is not yet launched at it's full capacity, meaning that Fortnite has a lot more to offer in the future. Currently all users can play the game and have been granted free access to Battle Royale, but have limitations on playing the PvE campaign - Save the World. This service is currently paid and has a different pricing depending on which version you want to purchase starting from 40 Euro and going up to 150 Euro for the Delux version of the game, which includes a lot of cool cosmetics.

What most of you probably do not know is that the game will be completely free-to-play once the official full launch happens. The official release date of Fortnite is yet unknown. The only information is that it will be in 2018th. Quite the time range we know. If you are a PvE enthusiast and you can not wait for this moment to come, you will have to purchase the game early PvE access in order to play it. We have tried the Save the World co-op missions for a little bit and we encourage everyone to try it out. It has a lot of diversity and vast content. Most of you started the game for its PvP action, which is absolutely understandable, but the game will surprise you with an amazing PvE scenario also. Be sure to check it out either by purchasing the game or by waiting the official launch.

For all the PvP lovers the game provides a completely free mode Fortnite Battle Royale where you will battle 100 other opponents with one goal - to be the last man (or team) standing. It's gameplay and variety of strategical approaches make it an absolute killer when it comes to having fun. Try grouping with your friends for a few Squad mode games and you will not be disappointed!

There is an element of randomness in the game, but skills are very important too. The more you play and the more you understand the game and the map you will figure out new ways to outsmart and dominate the opponents. If you have issues figuring out how to end up at rank #1 be sure to check out our Fortnite Battle Royale boost section, where our players will help you get there in no time. We have some of the best players at your disposal just a few clicks away.



The game is without a doubt one of the biggest hits on the market. It showed a record player base, marking 1 million new players joining per day for 1 week straight. The numbers are increasing as we speak. And what can I say, the game really deserves the attention. It has unique flavour and balance. Although it resembles other games like PUBG, the new mechanics are what differs it from the rest. I have not seen a player that is not enjoying his time after testing the game for a couple of hours or more. At the beginning when you start playing things are a little rough, since you'll most likely die in the first couple of minutes, but with time it gets easier to figure out your strategy and progress in the leaderboard.

It is obvious that the game will continue growing in the next few months, however there is always a risk of a massive interest drop. We have seen it with other games. It's all about how the developers will proceed from here on and if they will manage to keep the players on their battle grounds. The PvE aspect of the game will most certainly be a great addition, but it might simply not be enough. We see new weapons, map additions, cosmetics and more being implemented into the game with each patch. It certainly seems that the managing team is doing a hard and effective work maintaining and upgrading this lovely new game. The biggest thing to anticipate is the release of a new, better Official ranking leaderboards. There are multiple topics where fans give suggestions of what system they would like to see. However the game is very different from others in terms of what is actually considered a "good game" that will increase your rating. Making a ladder that will benefit only the players that end up above 50th place will force many to simply camp and wait so that they earn points. In our eyes a number of factors need to be taken into consideration to actually increase your standing (rank). These should include kills and damage you dealt, how much distance you have traveled, how much materials you have collected and used and ofcourse at what spot you ended the game. Other details might be included into that with less impact, but in general you can not simply determine who played well or played poorly just by the position he ended in the game.

Only time will tell how big Fortnite will become. One thing is for sure - it has a very promising start!


Regards, - The quality Fortnite boosting service!

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