Fortnite season 3 is live. Battle pass and game changes in brief

Fortnite season 3 is live. Battle pass and game changes in brief


Fortnite season 3 is live. Battle pass and game changes in brief

February 22 , 2018


Season 3 is live! After approximately two hours of downtime the new seasonal circle was released. There are a few important changes that are worth mentioning, the most significant of which is the s3 battle pass, which we'll discuss in deep further below.

As S2 is over and most of you have achieved their goals we come into a new circle to grind up. Battle royale wins have been reset and the race starts all over again. As most of you can see when launching the epic games app the theme of the new season is Space. There is a PvE mission related to that, a lot of new cosmetics and an awesome skin that comes with the battle pass.

A new hand cannon that does a lot of damage is the weapon addition that comes with the 3.0 patch. Shotguns are announced to be nerfed! Well, can't say we can blame anyone for that one :)

One of the more significant changes that affect only the console players is the FPS lift of the game to 60 FPS. The game should feel much smoother now, something that other developers failed to spot as a big minus is now fixed for the Xbox and PS4 Fortnite fans.



As stated above the Season 2 Medieval theme is now changed with the Space one.

One of the biggest changes is that this season there will be 30 additional tiers for the Battle pass owners. Yep, thats right! This means a total of 100 rewards that you will be able to obtain with the Season 3 Fortnite battle pass. The daily challenges will be replaced for weekly ones and the current price for the B-pass is 950 V bucks.

The usual XP bonus that comes with the battle pass remains the same.

Go to the game and check out the lovely new rewards and if you are a real Fortnite fan be sure to purchase it! It is worth every penny. If you are struggling to obtain all the rewards that come with it our top tier Fortnite boost squad will gladly help you.


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