Fortnite Season 4 is live. Top 50 Global leaderboards boost at Myboosting

Fortnite Season 4 is live. Top 50 Global leaderboards boost at Myboosting


Fortnite Season 4 is live. Top 50 Global leaderboards boost at Myboosting

May 01 , 2018


Season 4 is here for another 2 months of exciting action. Lots of speculations were going on at the end of S3 regarding what will happen when the new circle comes live. The meteors ... well we all thought they would bring down Tilted Towers and make new locations on the map. That turned out to be 50 / 50 true. Tilted is still there, standing tall and luring the battle bus players to jump there. Lot's of loot, lots of action... fun times. Besides that the Meteor indeed hit the ground and created a few craters with new locations. The biggest and most significant one partially destroyed Dusty Depot and created Dusty Divot - a giant crater with structures and blinking materials, a location that we are yet to roam and explore.

There are a couple of other changes to the map - 2 or 3 smaller crater holes with insignificant impact. There is also a Castlelike building at the top of the peak of the mountain between Snobby Shores and Pleasant park.

The biggest disappointment in our eyes for the season is the fact that there is no new ranking system. We (for now) are forced to farm the normal Battle Royale #1 wins. However a Tier / Division / Rating system was not launched with this patch, although many were expecting it. Fairly the last few days of S3 made that clear, since there was nothing new regarding the leaderboards even in the PTR and it is virtually impossible to release a whole new system without doing the proper tests.



We wanted to release this service during season 3, but it's specifics require fast action. Each day that goes by makes hitting and maintaining the top50 spot increasingly hard. Most of the top players do around 25 wins per day at a normal pace, something that is heavy to catch up on.

Therefor, due to the fact that the ladder is the same, is announcing it's top 50 global leaderboards service to the public.

Some specifics regarding this limited time service:
Top50 Solo / Duo / Squads
PC / Xbox / PS4 available
It includes hitting top50 - maintaining it and ending the competitive season in top50

Offer stands only for the first and second week of the competitive season (after that it's almost impossible to catch up on the top 50 guys).

The price might be high for most of you, but trust me its more than fair. 2 months of non stop dedication to the game and constant winning is a job only for the most skilled and dedicated players. Yes, we have them at your disposal.

For more up to date news on Fortnite keep track of our news section. Fingers crossed for a better competitive ranking system launch sometime this season, or maybe the next one.


Regards, - The quality Fortnite boosting service!

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