Fortnite Top 50 boosting. Season 4 start date - expected changes.

Fortnite Top 50 boosting. Season 4 start date - expected changes.


Fortnite Top 50 boosting. Season 4 start date - expected changes.

April 05 , 2018


Every high-skilled player wants to be recognized, known and respected for his achievements. The current ultimate goal for all Fortnite pros is to get into the Top 50 leaderboards and maintain their ranks there. This is a time consuming task that requires skill and dedication. Even if you manage to hit the Top50 spots you'll find it even harder to maintain it throughout the season. You need to play pretty much every day for at least a few hours and get a significant win rate numbers. The competition is fierce and will continue to be such as the game grows and improves.

Season 3 has given us a lot of new features of the game, one that is probably worth mentioning is the Mobile version of the game being released with huge success. Cross platform play is spectacular if you have friends using different gaming devices.

With the Season 3 end approaching there is only a couple of weeks left for you to achieve your goals in this season. However, the most important thing is to improve your in-game skills and start fresh in the next circles where you can dominate your opponents.

If your dream goal is to hit and maintain a top 50 rank will be offering Fortnite Top 50 boost to it's customers during season 4. It will be available for purchasing only during the initial 1 or 2 weeks of the season. After that the catching up might be too hard to achieve. That is if the ranked system remains the same, which brings us to our second point in this article.



Fortnite S4 will start on 30th April 2018. There are a lot of speculations around the possible new implementations in the game. We'll start with the most important rumor:


An intense discussion around a new rank system has been going on for months now. The community definitely wants to see a better measured ranking system, and maybe a match making algorithm with that. Is this going to actually happen? We are quite certain that Epic Games is working on that intensely. However the game mechanics and "scoring" is a bit complex to just come up with a fair ladder and ranks. You are never too sure if you need to get a rank increase or decrease after a game if you for example die in the mid game. Were you a worthy opponent? That is something that is hard to determine, although multiple factors can be taken into consideration, such as: Kills, Assists, Damage done, Distance traveled, Places visited etc. etc. etc.

We keep high hopes that if an actual new system occurs it will be well balanced and will represent the actual skill of each player that steps into the battle ground.


Speculations... Speculations. A recent leak claims that a new object has been see. A Meteor above Tilted Towers! No jokes... And as people like to make suggestions of what purpose that new space object has, the most commonly heard theory is that the Meteor will hit Tilted Towers at the end of Season 3 and will wipe out the battle ground, which will be rebuilt for the newly coming competitive circle. We think that this theory is a bit exaggerated, but might be partially true.

We know that there is a Locational balance flaws in the map. Some spots are extremely high populated, while others are rarely visited. It is a good idea if the developers think on rebuilding some of the less attractive locations and also force the initial Circle to shrink towards these places. That will allow the players to land more evenly on different locations. We all see that Tilted Towers, Salty Springs, Pleasant Park and Retail Row are always getting the love in terms of where people are going to land. Personally I prefer to go on a bit more quiet places for the start of the game, so that I can gear up, but if I am looking for action, or a warm-up I'd definitely pick one of these locations to start the game.


Well... this is certain to happen. The season 3 rewards are simply amazing. The battle pass has everything a player wants, without spending too much money on extra cosmetics and skins. We anticipate an even better designed S4 rewards! Fingers crossed for that!

Hope you guys enjoyed the review. Check out our news section regularly for more up-to-date information on the games you love!


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