A guide to Flawless Trials of the Nine

A guide to Flawless Trials of the Nine

Destiny 2

A guide to Flawless Trials of the Nine

October 19 , 2017


Achieving undefeated Trials can be quite the challenge. This Destiny 2 PvP event challenges the qualities of you and your team to the maximum. There are a few ways to complete this difficult task - the easiest being our Destiny 2 Flawless trials service with guaranteed results. However this article is meant to give you some guidance when you want to personally conquer this event.

Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to flawless trials:

- Stack a team of skilled players.
- Play as a group. Destiny 2 is more about teamwork than the Destiny 1. If you play together well you can kill the enemies quickly. Make sure you always call out who you are shooting at since one or two shots from your team might save you or secure a kill.
- It is preferable to have diverse class allies - 2x Titans, 1x Hunter, 1x Warlock (or 2 Warlocks) is optimal
- Use Rocket launchers for Power weapons - they are almost 100% guaranteed kills
- Mida Multi Tool is one of the core weapons to use. Getting a team with 4 midas shooting from midrange will usually guarantee you advantage.
- The Last Hope is currently one of the most OP weapons and certainly a dominant close rage tool - use it!
- Titans should use the 2 nade perk for the titan smash super (pulse nades push people out and are currently OP)
- Warlocks should always use devour and healing rift (healing rift allows you to play more aggressive with a cushion to fall back to)
- Hunters should use golden gun. Easy 1 shot kills. Triple jump to get around and the side step that reloads - these can save you often when you're out of a clip.

The most important tip of all is to always communicate with your team, call directions and call targets. If you play as 1 unit your chances of winning a fight increase multiple times.



There are a lot of other things that can help you get your flawless victory. They are all related to simple mechanics and basics that each of you needs to know. Some of the most important ones are:

- Stay near a location that can provide coverage.
- Going balls deep without idea how many enemies will shoot at you usually ends up badly.
- After being damaged, get cover and wait to get fully healed.
- Aiming for the head deals 2x damage - if you can do that go for it.
- Use diverse primary and secondary weapon - One for closer and one for longer range combats.
- Power ammo is usually quite a big advantage so track the timers and use it when possible.
- Even if you do not have power ammo, switching to Power weapon will give you 3rd person camera mode. This can be used to check what is going behind corners, walls and so on without the risk of peaking.

The determining factor in your PvP matches will always be based on team cooperation and mechanics. Individual skill also matters, but can be overrated. Even if you are the best shooter, facing a 4 man group of well rounded players that focus the right target will end up in favor of the team effort.

As always if at some point you are having difficulties our website offers high quality Trials of the Nine carries that are here to help you at any time.

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