Hanamura - Overwatch Boost - Map Guide

Hanamura - Overwatch Boost - Map Guide


Hanamura - Overwatch Boost - Map Guide

December 06 , 2015


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Hanamura is one of the three maps, that Overwatch fans were able to play on the stress test. It is a "Capture the Point" based map, similar to the likes of TF2 and Battlefield. Unlike them tough, the map requires a specific type of setup and strategy for both sides. Our Overwatch boosters have a few pro tips for you.


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It is very important as the attackers that you stay in a group on this map, with the exception of Tracers - the lone hero, because the rate of capturing the point increases with more people on it. A support like Mercy is perfect for such a situation, as her ultimate reviews dead allies, allowing your team to stick onto the point until it is captured. Lucio is another excellent choice for sieging. He has a passive AoE heal, and an ult that gives a massive shield to all nearby teammates.

Supports are really squishy, and without a solid tank to soak the damage, you will not have a good time on Hanamura. At the current stage of the game, Winston is the strongest tank you can have for attack. He is extremely durable, has good damage up close, and most importantly - he provides protection for your team. Putting barrier projector in the middle of the control point provides huge cover for the rest of your team. In extreme cases, our Ovw boost team use double Winston setup. Alternatively D.Va is a very versatile tank. She has great damage at close range, good mobility, and her ultimate is perfect for busting fortified positions. Her defense, on the other hand, is lacking.

There is nothing more fun in any game, than to rip your opponents apart, dealing massive amounts of damage, or just trolling them with a really mobile and fun to play hero. Yes, I'm talking about the dsp pick in Overwatch. As attacker on Hanamura, there are couple of really good picks for that role:

Pharah is a solid pick. Her rockets are very easy to aim in closed areas such as the objective points on Hanamura. And even tough, her Ultimate is not perfect for the map, it can be used to quickly trade with the likes of Bastion, or straight up bust a tank. The downside of her is that she can not effectively use her flight, but who needs that, when you have a rocket launcher!

Soldier: 76 is the safest pick. He is best suited for mid-range encounters, has decent single target and AoE damage output, and can support a little bit his team, by providing extra healing.

Tracer is the solo hero. She does her own thing outside your team. By picking Tracer, you commit being the annoying bug at the enemy's back lane. A good Tracer can do mayhem on the defender's positions, but a bad Tracer is liability. We, at Overwatch boosting advice you to pick her carefully!


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Always make sure you have someone on the current capture point. If your entire team has decided they want to fight just on the outside of it with the enemies on top of it, you want to make sure someone gets on it to contest it. Many games have been seen where people derp it up and refuse to place their foot on the point they're literally beside. Overwatch boost politely asks you: "Don't be that guy!" . Other than that, the setup you will need for defense is not that different from the one you are attacking with. With the exception of Bastion, who is definitely god-tier when it comes to defending at point B on Hanamura, and Symmetra's teleporter (which is good on any map), you still need a solid front lane, support and damage dealers.

On the defense D.Va shines the most. Since enemies need to come close to you, you can just chill on the point and wait for them to get in the range of your two auto shotgun cannons. D.Va's defense matrix is perfect for soaking big bursts of damage, targeted at busting your fortifications, like Pharah's ult, and Soldier: 76's lock on, and grenades. Our Ovw boosters often pick two or even three D.Va's when they play on defense.

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