Hearthstone best cards and decks - The Witchwood

Hearthstone best cards and decks - The Witchwood


Hearthstone best cards and decks - The Witchwood

April 11 , 2018


A new Hearthstone expansion is at the gates – The Witchwood. We already gave you the general outlines for it in our previous article. However, now when all the cards have been revealed it’s time for some deeper card analysis. Let’s see which are the best cards (according to MyBoosting Hearthstone Boosting Team) sorted by classes:


Bewitched Guardian: Twilight drake is a card that has seen a lot of play. This guy is one mana more expensive but it has taunt. Furthermore Blizzard are obviously trying to push the ‘Hand Druid’ archetype and if they manage to make us play this deck Bewitched Guardian will be a staple in it.

Druid of the Scythe. A very flexible early game minion that can be used defensively in two ways – either as a taunt or as a rush removal card for 4 damage.

Ferocious Howl. Basically the arguments in favour of this card are the same as for Bewitched Guardian. It’s perfect for the ‘Hand Druid’ if it exists and it’s an upgrade (most of the times) of an already existing playable card – Shield Block.


Houndmaster Shaw: This is a really powerful tool for controlling the board in the midgame. It’s a static ability so if you have deathrattle minions that produce other minions upon dying you can play Houdmaster Shaw and immediately gain immense value.

Wing Blast: Hunter should easily satisfy the condition to kill or sacrifice a minion and then play this for 1 mana. This looks like a better Arcane Blast.

Dire Frenzy: I’m not quite sure if this card will see play immediately after the expansion hits but it certainly has great potential and sooner or later it will find its home.


Archmage Arugal : Just like with the Druid, Blizzard obviously have something specific in mind for the Mage. They are trying to make us play minion-based elemental Mage. Arugal would be a value monster in such kind of a deck.

Book of Specters: Another very strong card for the abovementioned ‘minion’ Mage. It’s especially effective when combined with Arugal.

Arcane Keysmith. I got really upset about this card. If you compare it with Mad Scientist it costs 2 more mana but it gives you the secret immediately and it doesn’t require you to actually put secrets in your deck. I hope I’m wrong but Arcane Keysmith might be one of the reasons for future nerfs to hit fast.


The Glass Knight: Do you remember Piloted Shredder? Do you remember how it found its place in basically every deck that wasn’t a mindless aggro or a very grindy control? Well this card is better. Good thing is that it’s a class legendary and we won’t see it that often but it’s a strong contender for the best card from the new set.

Catherdral Gargoyle: There are only 2 reasons for this card to be fair – you need to find good dragons to put in your deck and you make your Call to Arms worse. However, if you are able to consistently play this on turn 2 with a dragon in your hand… well we all know how Shielded Minibot works and this is better.

Bellringer Sentry: This card is not as strong as Arcane Keysmith because you need to put Paladin secrets in your deck and generally they are not cards you want to waste slots on. Nevertheless it’s still 3 cards in one and you can use the new Paladin Legendary - Prince Liam if you want to convert your secrets later in the game into cards with more value. This is by no means Mysterious Challenger but it’s still a very good card and it will see play in constructed.

Rebuke: This effect has proven to be good on a 5/5 mionion and I think it will be good for 2 mana without the body. Rebuke lets you disrupt key turns for your opponent when you know he has to use removal or healing spells.



Quartz Elemental. Most new Priest cards are hard to evaluate but not this one. Quartz Elemental is not as good as its predecessor on the 5 mana slot for Priest – Drakonid Operative. But it’s still a huge minion that can value trade and get healed to circumvent its drawback.


Blink Fox: Just like with the Priest I find it hard to evaluate Rogue cards from this expansion. It’s not the case with Blink Fox. The card is very similar to Swashburglar and Undercity Huckster both of which have seen play in tier 1 archetypes for this class. You get regular stats for this mana cost plus a bonus card so it really can’t be too bad.


Shudderwock. It seems like Blizzard have not learned their lesson with Yogg-Saron. It’s true that this effect generally is weaker than the Old God’s one but it still leaves bad taste in my mouth because most likely this card will be very strong and we’ll once again roll the dice.

Hagatha the Witch: The battle cry effect of this death knight is really good to keep you safe while you pay 8 mana and do almost nothing else with your turn. The passive hero power is tons of value and it should give you the upper hand in any grindy matchup.

Zap: I guess Blizzard wanted to give Shaman some early board control now when the Jade Claw will be gone. Zap is very similar to Backstab but you pay one extra mana on your next turn and you can target damaged minions.


Lord Godfrey: People compare this card to Defile but I think it’s much closer to Twisting Nether. It’s a very powerful board sweeping tool but since it costs 7 mana it can’t be used to control the board early against aggressive decks.


Darius Crowley. Argent commander for 5 mana was too good of a card and it needed to be nerfed. Darius deals with a weaker opposing minion and then demands an answer because it’s growing bigger with every kill. It looks like a good value/tempo card to me.

Town Crier: This card looks very similar to Arcanologist – a decent body plus drawing a specific type of card from your deck. Obviously the effect is much more important than the stats.

Warpath. A very flexible board clear. It can be Consecration for 4 mana, Hellfire for 6 mana, Flamestrike for 8 mana and Dragonfire Potion for 10 mana. No doubt this card will be a staple in every slower Warrior archetype.

Woodcutter Axe: Blizzard finally realized that without a decent weapon for 2 mana this class is not viable. Woodcutter Axe has OK stats and a very useful deathrattle effect. With Darius, Redband Wasp and Militia Commander Warrior has access to some really good Rush minions to utilize this weapon up to its full potential.


Baku the Mooneater: I’m still not sure if this effect will turn out to be good enough for the sacrifices one has to make when building his deck with Baku but at least in the first days of the season people will playtest this card a lot.

Countess Ashmore: This looks very much like The Curator. However, there are two important differences. First the minion doesn’t have taunt so it becomes riskier to pay seven mana for the value you get. And second Countess Ashmore can find you non-minion cards like Amethyst Spellstone or Kingsbane.

Voodoo Doll. This card is tailor made for Warlock and Mage and will be a good addition to the control archetypes for these classes.

Witchwood Grizzly. A strong anti-aggro minion that has combo potential with resurrect shenanigans.

Scaleworm: If rush decks can find come good dragons to fit in, this minion will be incredibly strong.

Blackwald Pixie: This card has a really tight niche to fit in – you use it alongside Baku or/and in Taunt Warrior.

It’s time for a completely new meta. Our Hearthstone team is looking forward to guide you in the dark woods around Gilneas.


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