February 19 , 2017


We are once again expanding to a new platform of action. This time our team’s selection is Hearthstone.

HS is a multiplayer (mainly) card game that provides endless head-to-head battles in a quest to the peak Legend ranks. There are 9 classes that each player can choose from: Warlock, Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Shamman, Hunter, Druid and Paladin.
In this game there are many preconditions that can either make you a strong or weak opponent. Starting from the basics of the game every player needs to learn what each card does, once that is done he can start his 1 v 1 or arena battles in a quest to climb the official ladder. Each game brings you closer to obtaining additional Cardpacks and Dust that are used to expand your card pool. It’s vital to have good cards in order to conquer the top Hearthstone ranks. The more you play the better decks you’ll be able to build and eventually destroy your opposition with them in the Ranked competitive ladder. Of course the developers have made a faster way to achieve the perfect deck collection - by purchasing Cardpacks that contain 5 cards each. It’s random what you will get out of each, but with consistency it’s inevitable to create a hefty collection.

There is another quite exciting mode - Arena, which offers a completely different experience. Each time you start it, regardless of your collection of cards you will select a class to play with and build a new deck from the ground up, then you will battle in 12 consecutive battles in attempt to harvest more and more rewards with each victory you achieve. You are allowed to lose 3 times in total after which your arena run ends. Based on the wins you made during your arena run you’ll win better and more rewards.

Regular events and expansions - the developers are putting a lot of effort to make this already exciting game better. In time we’ve seen multiple expansions with new Solo Adventures for each player that bring specific rewards. With the expansions we always see arrival of a massive number of new thematic cards that always change the meta of the game. Each time this happens your mind needs to focus mainly on how to build your new decks, how to counter other classes and what is best to put into use with the various choices of cards at your disposal.


Hearthstone Rank boosting - standard and wild game modes are both combined in a united Ranking ladder consisting of 25 Ranks and a Legend rank (the highest). In standard you can play with a limited cards from a year ago, while in wild you can play with every card that has been made and implemented.

Our team of Hearthstone boosters can get you to the rank you desire in no time. We can even climb the Legend spots for you!

As an option we’ll offer each of our clients the option to play himself with the guidance of one of our boosters/ coaches. They will watch you play on a Sharescreen, Teamviewer or via Stream and tell you what to do in the games, explain situations, options and in general craft a better player out of you!

HS Arena boosting – We will guarantee at least 7 wins in your arena run and we will always try to even get the 12 maximum wins.

Options: “Play myself” will also be available for that service.

Hearthstone Adventure boost - As above said there are a few adventures in a solo mode that the developers occasionally implement. Boss, Wing and Full adventure clear at normal and heroic difficulty will be services that Myboosting.com will offer.

Hearthstone Hero leveling – If you are a fan of a certain class we will be able to provide a leveling service for your hero of choice. Every 2 hero levels will unlock a different version of this hero's specific card. It’s a time consuming job but we are up to fulfilling any demand you might have.

Golden Hero wins - By reaching 500 competitive wins on a specific class you will receive a golden portrait of this Hero. You will receive animated hero and hero powers. It’s a similar service as the leveling but targets to get your favourite class to a stage where you’ll receive the Golden portrait of this Hero.

Hearthstone Coaching – More than in any other game coaching will certainly help you a lot in HS. Knowing the game specifics, deck building specifics and multiple little details about the game and the current meta will help you dominate in this game. It’s essential for anyone that wants to improve in this game to gather knowledge about what makes a player great.

In addition to almost all of these services you will have the option to play yourself (no need to log on your account) with the guidance of our Boosters and coaches. We’ve proven to be the top Overwatch and HotS services on the market, we do not intend to be any different in HS.

We have additionally prepared some additional surprises, both for the casual and the regular players of the game that no other service Hearthstone boosting service provides!

HS legend boost

Myboosting.com - The quality HotS, Ow and Hearthstone boosting service!

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