Hearthstone boosting is now Live

Hearthstone boosting is now Live


Hearthstone boosting is now Live

June 15 , 2017


Myboosting.com Is happy to announce to all of our visitors that now we are offering Hearthstone boosting.

As for all of our listed services we guarantee the quality that you will receive from us. If by any chance there are issues with your order you can always contact us and we'll resolve any problem in no time.

Our top tier HS boosters and coaches will help you inprove your game performance, rank and deck building abilities. We promise you that!

We have a variety of services, some of which you will only see on our website such as Hearthstone Legend boosting. This is a service that can get you to the very peak spots of the competitive ladder. Top100 spots are just a few clicks away from obtaining.


HEARTHSTONE RANK BOOSTING - from rank 25 to legend. Done fast and efficient. Our players will try to rush legend upon demand. Ofcourse you can aim for a lower rank, not a problem for our squad! Keep in mind that seasons are only 1 month long, during the start of every season-first 4-5 days are much harder to achieve legend rank itself, so it might take slightly longer than if it is middle/end of the season!

LEGEND RANK BOOST - get up to top100 and above in your region! Yep, this is correct. An exclusive service only offered by Myboosting.com.

ARENA RUNS - We guarantee that one of our pro players will achieve at least 7 wins in any arena run. If we don’t, we will make you an extra arena run for free. Most of our players are professionals, knowing how to perfectly build arena decks and how to stomp opponents. In many cases we will hit more than 7 wins.

ADVENTURE CLEAR - Having issues defeating a boss at your solo adventures? We can do it for you. Both on normal and heroic difficulty. We know how to beat the bosses and how to build our decks to do so.

HERO LEVELING - you want a class golden cards for your Heroes? Not a problem. We will level your heroes up to level 60. You will have those shiny cards available in your collection.

GOLDEN HERO WINS - We will play on your account and get you up to 500 wins with a specific hero so that you will have the golden portrait for that class. Price is as low as 0.5$/win. Keep in mind that this is not a boosting service and your rank increase is not the target.

HEARTHSTONE COACHING - One of the best services for this lovely game. You are not confident enough while playing a game? Which card you should choose for your new deck? How to plan your strategies? Did you play the situation right? What is the current meta? How to build an arena deck? Our coaches will help you with each of those questions. They will help you improve your gameplay and your knowledge about Hearthstone.


For some of the services you can select the sub-mode you want us to play for example "Standard" - "Wild" or "Normal" - "Heroic".

One of the greatest features that we have is our Screenshare option. First and most importantly selecting this option you will not have to give any account information. All games will be played from your personal computer and you will monitor the whole progress. Additionally you will receive some amazing tips on how to improve your game, why certain situations need different approach, why some decks are fit for the higher ranks and more. You can choose to go with Skype sharescreen or Teamviewer. Both options are fine with each of our players so it is totally up to your preference.

We have a proven record in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. We intend to keep our quality and efficiency of the listed Hearthstone services also. As always we intend to be the best out of the best on the market.

Myboosting.com - The quality Ow, HotS and Hearthstone boosting service!

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