Hearthstone current meta state & upcoming nerfs

Hearthstone current meta state & upcoming nerfs


Hearthstone current meta state & upcoming nerfs

May 23 , 2018


It’s time for nerfs once again! Balance patches have become a regular thing for Hearthstone by now and I can’t say this is something bad. It’s encouraging that Blizzard track the abnormalities in the meta and take steps to fix them. The changes they introduce don’t always hit the target but I do believe that each balance patch gives us improvements regarding the general strategy and approach to the nerfs. Now let’s see which the victims of the nerf hammer are this time.

Naga Sea Witch. The mana cost for this card increases from 5 up to 8. This nerf will have a huge impact on the Wild format. The Giants Warlock used to keep all slow decks in check. Now there will be more room for various control and combo decks.

Spiteful Summoner.The powerful six drop now becomes a seven drop. This nerf is quite justified since 12/12 or 16/16 stats for 6 mana is not something most midrange and control decks can deal with consistently. Spiteful Druid used to reign supreme in the early days of the Witchwood meta and currently only the Even Paladin keeps it in check.

Dark Pact. From now on the spell will heal only 4. I believe this is a huge nerf for all slow Warlocks. This archetype can’t exist without a card that can burst heal your hero when you get too low. Antique Healbot used to be a card with a similar purpose and there’s no coincidence that Control Warlock stopped existing when GvG rotated out. Dark Pact brought the archetype back to life but considering the upcoming the nerf I think it’s time to focus on more aggressive incarnations of Gul’Dan.

Tragic healing nerf that was quite useful in many situations


Possessed Lackey. Mana cost increases up to 6. Personally I think this nerf is not as big as the one affecting Dark Pact. As I already said I don’t believe the slow warlock archetypes can exist without enough good healing options. The Lackey nerf changes nothing.

Call to Arms. Now it costs 5 mana. This card should have never been designed for 4 mana on the first place. It’s absolutely broken, it twists the gameplay, and the nerf is quite late and most welcome. I think for 5 mana the card is still strong and will see play in decks like Murloc Paladin. I’m not a big fan of using it in Odd Paladin since paying 5 mana for three one drops seems very underwhelming.

Crystal Core. The effect of the card now sets the minions’ attack and health to 4 down from 5. I have to admit something – I’ve always hated Quest Rogue in the guts and I can’t be objective about this deck. The Rogue Quest is the only card that have been nerfed twice. This means that Blizzard obviously messed up big time with its design. Quest Rogue has extremely polarized matchups – destroying control decks and losing to aggro. I believe this change is not enough to fix the problems this decks creates. What you actually do with Quest Rogue is to play solitaire. Your games are decided mostly by the matchup you face and not by the actual gameplay.

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