Hearthstone Dungeon Runs - a deeper Class playstyle guide

Hearthstone Dungeon Runs - a deeper Class playstyle guide


Hearthstone Dungeon Runs - a deeper Class playstyle guide

December 26 , 2017


Last time we talked in general about the Dungeon Run mode and its basics. Now let’s try to get into some deeper analysis and strategy about how to perform well with the different classes.

Before we start I want to make an important note. Since we play Hearthstone sometimes the RNG is just not working our way. In such cases no matter how well we play and how many right choices we make, the game just says ‘You’ll lose’.

Warrior - We already talked about this one in the previous article. So I’ll just add here that if not the hardest it’s probably one of the hardest classes to complete a dungeon run with.

Paladin - can be an easy one if you get hold of the justicar ring and the +1/+1 passive. Who would refuse two 2/2 silverhands on turn one. Playing big and fast dudes seems an easy task with this loot. It also makes the handbuff synergy work wonders. You're fast, you're always ahead and feel like a true champion.

Hunter - big beasts FTW. Buff them summon them, recruit them and make them bigger and stronger. Get Scepter of Summoning and play big dudes ang Y'Shaarj with ease. Just survive those first few critical turns (Secret passive helps a lot). I tried the deathrattle and a more defensive/weapons paths but one was too slow and the other one happens to have the same problems as the pain/berserker warrior.

Seems nothing beats good curve, value and fledgelings :D

Druid - Either big(jungle quest) or jade seem to do a pretty well job of delivering heavy blows easily.

Jades give you exactly what you need - huge cheap and fast bodies. Note that jade idol doesn't save you from Azari - you'll probably discard all of them...or I just happen to have bad luck. Jades are not that good against Pathmaker Hamm either.

Quest works pretty much the same way even a little faster at times

Crystal Gem passive can help a lot.

The C’thun path is also an interesting one but probably not even remotely as good as the jades.


Shaman - Attacking totems are always fun so get hold to that sweet Captured Flag passive. Both the evolve and elemental paths are OK till the last boss where you need a lot of extra value. You can have some difficulties with the mech path however because of its slower pace sometines (the further you play the harder it gets to start with a mechwarper in your opening hand). So you might get tricked into picking some burn to help you out. Keep in mind that both mech and overload paths need a lot of commitment on their own and mixing both becomes more of an issue than a solution.

Of course just like with druid you can just pick jades and double battlecry totem for the win.

Mage - Pure fire power is key. Just pick Robe of the Magi and as long as you find the perfect ballance between spells and board you should be fine. And if you happen to pick it a second time you practically become allmighty. Magic friends is fine but it definitely doesn't work all by itself. Same can be said about the Arcane path. You do need minion/spell ballance and the elemental path is perfect for the task. Also who can resist the fiery elemental duo of Ragnaros and Geddon complementing your destructive force.

Rogue - Channel your inner druid and put some jade synergy in motion. Stack on Jade Shurikens, Backstabs, Jade Spirits...and some Aya Blackpaws and you get youself a pretty legit build. You will however need some time to develop your Jades into a threatening board. This is why quality removal is of key importance for the early game. Also Backstab plus Jade Shuriken work wonders. For the final bosses be sure to either have the Captured Flag or the Double Battlecry passive so you can crush your opponent jade style.

Warlock - Fire and chaos. By chaos I mean the small chance of consistency in your early picks. At first they may not work well of each other so you can't stay firmly on a single path be it C'thun, Demons, Taunt or any other.

Although if you can survive well enough the first few aggressive turns and you happen to have the Scepter of Summoning the C'thun build could be lots of fun. The demons build is the one you really need. It is much easier to maintain both its consistency and its curve.

Priest - Priest tells us pretty much the same story as the warlock except it's from the light's point of view. You get almost the same problem with inconsistency and you lack a defined strategy or synergy which to develop.

You can go the Highlander path with Reno, Lyra, Raza, and Anduin. The problem here is that the loots you get will probably give you at least one duplicate in your deck and you must draw it or the abovementioned cards just won’t work. Furthermore Xol the Unscathed (the final boss with the lasers) returns cards back in your deck and this may render your powerful cards useless.

The path I really like is the Dragon one. You just get all the Dragon loots and if you are lucky you will pick the double battlecry totem. Guess what? – most dragons have decent battlecries.

This guide is by no means exhaustive. That’s the real fun part in this mode – you can try and find different strategies for combining loot and rewards that nobody else has discovered yet. The article is rather meant to share with you some of the experience of our boosters and coaches in the Kobolds’ Dungeons.


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