Hearthstone - How to rank up. The fast way to Legend.

Hearthstone - How to rank up. The fast way to Legend.


Hearthstone - How to rank up. The fast way to Legend.

June 29 , 2017


As you all know Hearthstone is a card game that revolves around game-knowledge, meta deck creation and calculations.

To rank up in Hearthstone first of all you need to know the meta, which is always changing. Creating the perfect decks to increase your chances of win is vital. Having the cards needed for that is obligatory.

There are two main roads you can take to Increase your HS rank and to even become a Legend player.

First you can go the hard way and learn the game in-depth. This will include spending a lot of hours playing Hearthstone, figuring out the classes strong and weak sides, watching Streams of pro players. You really need to be dedicated to this task if you want to achieve the top ranks of the ladder. Our Hearthstone coaching service can help you speed up this process as one of our pro players will assist you in finding what you are doing wrong. We will put all efforts into crafting a better player out of you and end up with a positive result.

The second road you can go is much simpler. Using a Hearthstone boosting service such as ours guarantees you the desired end rank. Additionally we can teach you along the way how and why we play the game. Selecting one of our Screenshare options when purchasing is extremely beneficial if you want to learn the game and become better.

We offer HS rank boost from rank 25 to Legend. We will do it in a professional manner, fast and according to all your demands. Additionally Myboosting.com exclusively offers a multi legend boost subscription. Being Legend in multiple seasons can be achieved for an attractive price and of course you can spectate your games if you want to. Prices starting from 110$ per month are a deal that should not be missed. All of our current boosters can achieve this difficult task. You'll get extra game knowledge if you want to watch us play and harvest all the rewards that come with this achievement. The respect of the competition is another thing that will certainly follow.

Hearthstone rank up


With the latest patch the meta shifted dramatically. New cards, decks and classes are now conquering the competitive scene. If you have the cards to create a deck that is fit for ranking up you simply should do that and learn exactly how to play it against different classes.

The current top decks with a bit of game play details are:

Freeze Mage - it is a slow, control based deck which is super strong against midrange decks. Its combo with Alexstraza can literaly end the game in 2 turns and with a decent draw, you are not going to take damage during the game. Its hard countered by Pirate warrior, Quest warrior and Token druid. It is super good against shamans, paladins and rogues.

Murlock paladin - The deck itself has 2 different versions - Full murlocks(super aggressive), and a midrange one. The full murlock one is good for ranking up to rank 5. After that the match ups are going more control vs control deck, where full Murlock paladin is bad. The Midrange version of the Murlock paladin is probably one of the strongest meta decks at this time. With good draw, the only real hard match up you can get is freeze mage.

Midrange/control paladin - It has a many different versions. It is one of the slowest decks that wont let your opponent get the synergy of his deck. It is incredibly strong against everything aggressive and is bad vs mage/midrange (evolve) shaman.

Miracle/Quest rogue - Both decks are super dependent on the Draw. If you have a good draw you will win 90% of the games, especially as Quest rogue if you manage to synergize the early quest completion. Miracle itself is based on board clear and can turn the game in his favor really fast.

Evolve/Jade shaman - With its early game and double bloodlust and with a good starting hand you can go trough absolutely everything in the first 5 turns. Its incredibly strong against other agro deck, because evolve/devolve can get the board in your favour for a low mana cost. It is super strong against agro/non control decks. However its hard counters are freeze mages, control paladins and quest warriors.

Hope these tips will get you to the spot you guys want! Keep track of our news section for more on the current HS meta.

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