Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne meta decks

Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne meta decks


Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne meta decks

August 24 , 2017


Our Hearthstone boosting squad wants to update you on some of the recently top played decks so that you can Rank up.

It’s that time of the year again - second week into the new expansion, new cards shaping new archetypes or improving current top decks.

Let’s start with Tier 1 or “The decks to Beat”,

Or The decks you are going to face the most in Ranked mode.

The top predator of the ranked ladder since day one is no other than Jade Druid.

(link here)

The deck was already at the top during the UN'GORO META and now when presented with good early and mid defense in the face of “Spreading Plague” and “Crypt Lord” and a powerful late/high cost option like Ultimate Infestation you can pretty much replace 1/3 of your deck with ramp and continue to be the best late game deck with infinite jades.

Another powerful Tier 1 deck is the Token Druid. It’s one of the more aggressive decks in Hearthstone. Using cards like innervate to jump start the early game and finishing games with Living Mana and Savage Roar.

This budget deck is great for a quick legend run:

(link here)


The Pirate Warrior is also continuing its dominance in the KFT Meta game and its core cards did not change almost at all.

(link here)

Murloc Paladin remains a deck to beat on the ladder with the release of the KFT. Hydrologist, Gentle Megasaur and Rockpool Hunter continues to be the core cards of the archetype.

Our Hearthstone coaching coaching team is here to help you understand what to pick against those oppressive decks and to help you out with your tech choices.

Such as the next tier, tier 2 decks, or let’s call them “Decks to Watch”. Those are the decks that are made to counter the first tier and to establish their own place in the meta.

Highlander Priest, despite the departure of Reno Jackson from Standard, is still viable thanks to Raza the Chained, Kazakus and Lyra the Sunshard. It still remains to be seen if it’s going to become a top deck, but for sure it’s one of the best match ups against Druid.

(link here)

Miracle Rogue is still going strong in the Frozen Throne expansion. Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Preparation remain the core cards of the deck. The current most popular variation is the Giants/Questing Adventurer Miracle Rouge. A good addition is the Death Knight Valeera the Hollow.

(link here)

Secrets mage with cards like Arcanologist and Primordial Glyph, has been able to be more consistent in its game plans and become a potential top tier deck.

(link here)

Hearthstone boosting will allow you to quickly join the high ranks and experience the top meta decks and to be one of the first to see new strategies and tech choices among pro players.

The last week of the season is right around the corner so make sure you choose our boosting squad to get to your desired rank before that.

Those are some of the top decks from the past 10 days. Myboosting.com will keep you in touch with all the new changes and updates in Hearthstone.

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