​Hearthstone latest expansion - Journey to Un’Goro

​Hearthstone latest expansion - Journey to Un’Goro


​Hearthstone latest expansion - Journey to Un’Goro

March 04 , 2017


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Recently, Blizzard announced it’s latest Hearthstone Expansion: Journey to Un’Goro which is expected to go live early April.

From the latest announcements we can find out that there will be 3 expansions this year (2017). First of the series is Journey to Un’Goro. It will bring around 130 new cards in game, new mechanic called adapt and tons of new, fun to play with decks and cards synergy. With the addition of the new cards and new expansion, all cards from previous years will go to Wild mode and won’t be available in standard. Besides the cards from the latest expansion Blizzard is removing some of the most popular common cards in the current meta: Azure drake, Ragnaros the Fireword, Sylvanas, Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance and Conceal. The goal of removing those cards is simply to make the meta more flexible and make the most popular decks so far a bit different and with new synergy.

Blizzard has opened pre-purchasing of the new card packs. With it being available you can buy 50 Journey to Un’Goro packs at the price of 50 USD or 44.99 EUR. If you pre-purchase them you will receive exclusive Card Back related to the expansion.


To get ready for the Year of the Mammoth and the first expansion of 2017, Blizzard will bring daily login rewards to Hearthstone for the first time ever. These will arrive prior to the expansion launch, and checking in with the game each day will award you with free arcane dust, gold and card packs.

Daily login rewards “will be available for a limited time,” though it’s not clear how limited that time is. Likewise, the developer says it has “a few other surprises” planned for the lead-up to the launch of the next expansion.

Another free thing you will receive with the Journey to Un’Goro will be a free Rogue hero, Maiev Shadowsong. Unlocking this awesome Hero portrait will require 10 wins in any mode.

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